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    Default Absolute nightmare

    Hey everyone, sorry havent ben on basenotes in forever and im coming back seeking advice for anyone who had a similar story.

    I just cameback from a 10 day trip to buenos Aires, Argentina(flew Air Canada both ways)...and as i arrived and am unpacking what do i see? 6 of the 10 fragrances i had with me are missing(now i packed 7 and bought 3 over there)....I did get a separate travelocity insurance package and they are already covering 500 dollars(because my bags arrived 2 days late to buenos aires) but whats the best way to recover some money for the fragrances....and just so you guys know Ium missing a full bottle of Bleecker Street(3.4 oz)m a 3.4 of Fahrernheit Absolute, 1 0zbottle of Musc Ravageur, Express cologne, Fahrenheit 32 and Versace(3.4 oz).

    if it has to be moved to a different thread so be it.....i just want some feedback about what you guys think would be the best way to go about it.

    by the way each fragrance was packaged in the original boxes and were placed inside the suitcase between the clothes to make sure they wont break and to keep them from being too visible....they actually left some of the boxes(bleecker street, musc ravageur and fahrenheit absolute) inside the suitcase while taking the others in the box.

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    Default Re: Absolute nightmare

    Sorry that happened. Know it is frustrating too. Air Canada will probably make you prove you had indeed packed 10 bottles and will deny any liablilty whatsoever. Guess your insurance will have to take it over and reimburse you. When we went to BA we weren't allowed to lock our checked luggage as I recall, so the air traveller is at the mercy of the security people.

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    Default Re: Absolute nightmare

    Sorry to hear of your misfortune to be robbed of your prized fragrances. I am no lawyer but if officials are going to confiscate any items from your luggage you should be informed and at least have a official receipt of some kind. To think that some airline worker going through your luggage and taking your fragrances must be very vexing.

    I think if I ever travel long distance I may just decant my favorite scents into small spray bottles just in case I fall foul to the same bad luck.
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    Default Re: Absolute nightmare

    How terrible! How on Earth did they break into your suitcase? Was it not a hardcase? Anyway, that's probably how I would have packed my fragrances in my check-in luggage. Unless you have visible proof that your suitcase has been tampered with, it's going to be difficult to prove a theft had occurred in transit.

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    Default Re: Absolute nightmare

    Great to see you post again, AF. Even if it's dreadful news. I hope good returns come.
    That girl, that bottle, that mattress and me.

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    Default Re: Absolute nightmare

    A.F., I have no experience in a situation such as the one you describe, but I wanted to say "welcome back." I hope this resolves positively.
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    Default Re: Absolute nightmare

    That's rough. Your luggage being late might be a result of the theft. I recall a newspaper article where baggage handlers (here in the US) would steal from the suitcases and then reroute the bags to the wrong destination so that it would be impossible to pinpoint who had handled the luggage. Sorry, I can't be of help, but good luck.

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    Default Re: Absolute nightmare

    thank you all...and im glad to be back even if its under these dubious circumstances.....and yes Air Canada is making me write them a letter explaining everything which I think is pretty pointless but i will anyway.....the really annoying thing is that every fragrance that was stolen(with the exception of Bleecker Street - which was at abou 75% capacity) I bought within the last 2 weeks. Thank you for all your help guys, greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: Absolute nightmare

    I had a watch stolen out of checked baggage while traveling domestically in the US. The airline initially disclaimed responsibility for it on the grounds that watches are "jewelry", but eventually I received reimbursement. I'm sure procedures and standards of proof vary among airlines, but I would certainly file a formal complaint and request for reimbursement with the airline.
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    Default Re: Absolute nightmare

    So, so nice to see a post from you A. You've been missed.

    Sorry to hear about your fragrances. Good luck with getting 'em replaced.

    BTW - how was Argentina!? I'm jealous.
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    Default Re: Absolute nightmare

    I don't know if it'll make up for the loss, but write to the PR depts of the respective perfume companies - at least the big ones. I'll bet they'll send you at least some samples and/or discount coupons on future purchases.

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    Default Re: Absolute nightmare

    10 day trip and 10 fragrances. Your dedication shames me.

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    Default Re: Absolute nightmare

    A-ha! This is indeed interesting.
    I mailed a package to Buenos Aires to another member several months ago which contained 40 rare samples and decants. It was sent with registered mail so it could be tracked and signed for at the other end, but when the recipient opened the parcel, the contents had been switched with a small purse stuffed with cheap $2 costume jewellery! I am DONE with shipping scents to Argentina!

    Sorry to hear about your experience acceptfacts!

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