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    Exclamation [IMPORTANT] "Winter/Fall" Fragrances in the Summer

    Dear basenoters,

    I got hooked in this wonderful world of fragrances in the fall of 2009. I didn't have the right occasions to wear fresh/super aquatics , so I had to resume myself to fragrances better suited for colder weather like: A*MEN (love of my life), Boss Bottled, Terre D'Hermes, the list can go on and on...

    Yesterday, in the mall I said to myself while I was passing by a perfume store: "that Burberry London looks stylish" , I gave it a try, and ... it simply was heavenly. I tried a lot of fragrances, bought many samples of many things and only 3,4 made me feel this way ( Millesime Imperial , Green Irish Tweed , Taste of Heaven , Dior J'adore )

    My question is the following : How does it work in the summer/ hot weather ? Please let me know if you have experience with it.

    I would also like to know your opinion about heavy fragrances in the summer (I imagine that one spray on chest will do the trick nicely )

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    Default Re: [IMPORTANT] "Winter/Fall" Fragrances in the Summer

    London is actually great in the heat, especially in humidity, in my opinion. It would seem to be winter exclusive but that is not the case in my experience.

    BTW: drop the [IMPORTANT] tag. This is not any more important that any other post around here. You'll get plenty of views without it.

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