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    Default Re: How wide is your range?

    Very eclectic taste. Prefer leather in the base, however, so Habit Rouge, Aramis, Versace l' Homme etc. are all winners.
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    Default Re: How wide is your range?

    Thanks very much for your responses. I enjoy reading everyone's opinions and appreciate the diversity this site has to offer. That really is one of the best things about basenotes.

    I think I need to try more incense fragrances. I have a few that I like but haven't ventured very far into that category.

    Thanks again.

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    Default Re: How wide is your range?

    I have a wide range. I enjoy a bit of everything, even things that are poles apart from each other.

    Ranging from manure to candyfloss. (Barnyard ouds to L'artisan's Vanilia or that Britney Spears one I can't recall)

    ...Soapy clean to bodily filth/skank. (C16 to MKK)

    ...Watery to syrupy. (Giacobetti to Sheldrake)

    ...Synthetic to natural (Al Oudh to oudh)

    ...And even from near-total transparency to an impenetrable wall of scent. (Jean Claude Ellena to pretty much most of the 80's)

    Aquatics are sometimes okay too, but no screechy synthetic fruits please! Those types of watermelon, grape, and strawberry smell should stay in Jolly Ranchers and not be in perfumes. Shoo!
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