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    Default Re: Mixing scents... blasphemy or art??

    Perhaps I am not daring enough, as I hear you all go on about mixing fragrances, but I can just imagine Germaine Cellier's or Jean-Claude Ellena's faces at the thought of mixing another perfume with one of their creations! i prefer my perfumes 'straight up'!


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    Default Re: Mixing scents... blasphemy or art??

    Quote Originally Posted by hilaryjane View Post
    There's a huge difference between mixing multiple fragrances together to create a new scent and traditional 'layering'.
    True that, and lol @ the Musc Ravageur, anyone have other success/fail stories about mixing? I've layered, but I don't know what to think of mixing

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    Default Re: Mixing scents... blasphemy or art??

    I love to layer and have several "go-to" scents for that purpose. I'll layer on top of Encre Noire, Tea Rose, and Gucci PH to enhance or add vetiver, rose, and incense respectively. Some favorite combos are EN and M7, TR and Egoiste, and GPH and Mitsouko. I tried to make Guerlain Mahora a bit more butch and layered it with a spritz of Guerlain Vetiver and it was gorgeous, but not necessarily more masculine, just tropical green. I even made a mutant super-oriental by layering Shalimar edc and Opium edt--not bad at all. A potent pairing that I really like is Caron's Troisieme Homme with Fracas. There have been some failed experiments, but a few pairings I actually enjoy as much if not more than the solitary perfumes.
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    Default Re: Mixing scents... blasphemy or art??

    When I mix (blend) I stay within a certain House.....My Sotd is a good example of how I mix scents.....Today I blended Vanilia with Patchouli Patch by L'Artisan.....Gary

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    Default Re: Mixing scents... blasphemy or art??

    Never actually layered or mixed any of my perfumes but why not ? Experimenting is fun and if the result will be a mess there is always the option to wash it off , isnt it ?
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    Default Re: Mixing scents... blasphemy or art??

    my fave layering/blending combo is still Egoiste and M7. The results is absolutely rich and divine.

    Heritage and L'instant tames down the lavender in Heritage, and offers a brand new dimension in the basenotes, making a scent thats very close to teh scent of pastries.

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    Eva Pasco

    Default Re: Mixing scents... blasphemy or art??

    I love to mix or emphasize a particular note. I tend to use rose scented bath and body products to emphasize the rose note in Paloma Picasso. I will spritz Bodycology Gardenia before spraying Elizabeth Taylor Gardenia EDP and even dabbing a little Terranova Gardenia behind my ears--a trilogy that works for me.

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    Default Re: Mixing scents... blasphemy or art??

    I have tried layering and I made a mess about 95% of the time. The only combination that I liked was Baghari & Jo Malone Orange Blossom. I continue to try Myrrhe Ardente or Vanilia with a variety of scents, but I have come up with nothing much.

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    Default Re: Mixing scents... blasphemy or art??

    Excellent question! I was wondering the same thing. Ultimately I could care less what other people think as long as *I* like it, but I was curious nonetheless.

    I've been battling with an issue for the last few days because I bought a 4.2oz bottle of Guerlain - L'Instant pour Homme and I decided it's too sweet for my own tastes, but the females love it. I did like that it projected so well and was very elegant, so as a last ditch effort, I grabbed my Bulgari - pour Homme Soir (stays close to the skin & is dark, mysterious and almost reclusive) and sprayed it on top of the L'Instant within seconds of each other.

    The result is a somewhat bolder & friendlier Soir as well as a L'Instant w/ a more masculine edge (not as feminine-sweet as it was by itself). It still smells a little mysterious and elegant, but both scents are very classy, and the L'Instant/Soir combo seems to be like an outgoing (albeit somewhat feminine) gentleman pulling an intelligent but reclusive silent-type fellow out of the alley and onto the street and then merging together. One thing I noticed is that it isn't so much a merging as much as it is one of them sacrificing themselves and transferring the power to the other.

    I'm going to try this a few more times, switching which one I put on first to figure out whether or not it has staying power (which sacrifices itself for the other). I really love my Soir because it matches my character so well, but I was just commenting to my friend that the next scent I get needs to be a little more attention-grabbing in a not-so-offensive way.

    I hope this works 'cause I hate to have to exchange the Guerlain and regret it later. If it does, I have my "projector scent" for the time being (although I'll need a bigger bottle of Soir). If it doesn't, the Guerlain has to go back & maybe I'll pick up a bottle of Black Jeans or Rive Gauche.
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    Default Re: Mixing scents... blasphemy or art??

    Only yesterday did I step into the lab of the mad scientist.
    I sprayed on L'Heure Bleue EdP, and layered it with Bal Versailles EdT. The result was a cheeky and sexy L'Heure Bleue. It's all in the civet!

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    Default Re: Mixing scents... blasphemy or art??

    Quote Originally Posted by Dimitri View Post
    I think to mix 2 finished scents effectively you have to have an exceptional nose. Otherwise its all peanut-butter and pickled herring sandwiches.
    Absolutely positively so, Dimitri.

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    Default Re: Mixing scents... blasphemy or art??

    My first foray into combining scent: I can confidently layer D'Orsay Tilleul over Cote Bastide Fleurs d'Oranger...divine.

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