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    Wink First non-crap DIY


    On my way to new boundaries (marked by my own skills - lacking) I managed to have some success. Not have been smelled before, but, though not a chemical-factory-blast-smell-before-You-die.

    top: 3Cis-Hexenol & petit grain & lavender
    mid: aldehyde C12-lauric
    bottom: Ambroxan + vetiver (Himalayan ruh kus)

    It smellzzzz equivalent to white hiss, some back and forth within the top, lavender and the lauric win towards the mid, the lauric plus a hint of vetiver persist reminiscent of verry drry soap, the bottom @ about 1h leaves clean healthy skin. It could be that the huge dose of cheap Ambroxan makes it slightly metallic all over.

    A dry nothing slightly like I wanted it originally. I'm already very proud - I just wanted You to know. I'll have to perform a final full test with now real humans. My office mate tomorrow will have some fun.

    so long

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