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    Default How to Ship Creed Flacons??

    So, the deal is, if I were to ship out a Creed Flacon
    how would I secure it so as to not leak during transit?
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    Default Re: How to Ship Creed Flacons??

    I have had terrible luck in receiving shipments of the flacons from some suppliers. I would almost recommend you pour the contents into a sealable bottle and ship seperatly, sending the empty flacon along empty.

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    Default Re: How to Ship Creed Flacons??

    is there a way to secure the Flacon
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    Default Re: How to Ship Creed Flacons??

    About the most you can do is make sure the stopper is pressed in tight enough and secure it, top to bottom, with rubber bands.
    I've even considered the idea of lining the stopper with teflon tape, but have not yet tested it.
    richard d's resonse seemed like a good idea, however it may not look so great on the customer's end -unless the customer is familiar with leaky Creed flacons. Bro, at least 90% of the Creed flacons I've received were leaky. At most I lose about 3 - 4 mls, and only once did one leak signifigantly...

    (BTW, Creed's response: They offered me a new flacon, which I thought unfair since mine was still quite full, so they promptly sent me a free tester to cover the loss of juice.)
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    Default Re: How to Ship Creed Flacons??

    I had an idea that is probably effective, but laborious.

    Decant into 3 100 ml bottles. Ship. Then have the recipient pour them back in the flacon.

    A crazy, time intensive idea that probably would work. (I know, it is ridiculous...)
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    Default Re: How to Ship Creed Flacons??

    I toyed with the notion of buying a hefty rubber band to hold the stopper in tight and then dripping sealing wax purchased from the candle shop around the diameter of the stopper. It has a fairly low melting point so there wouldn't be any issues with heat on the glass and is just fluid enough to ooze into even the smallest of gaps. In the end I opted for rapping my thigh several times with the stoppered bottle to seat that glass plug as deeply as I dared and then taped the beejesus out of it - over the top of the stopper to both sides of the bottle. I tossed the leather shower cap into the box and if memory serves my client received a nearly full bottle of vintage Tabarome about a week later sans leaks. Still like the wax idea and if done cafefully would look cool as all get outs.

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    Default Re: How to Ship Creed Flacons??

    Easiest way is to take plastic wrap and pull it really tight around the entire bottle. Problem solved !

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    Default Re: How to Ship Creed Flacons??

    I was shipped a partial flacon of Vintage Tabarome with just the glass stopper/leather hood. Didn't seem to leak. He also secured the stopped in place very firmly with strong tape as well. But I share the concerns of anyone stressed about it.

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    Default Re: How to Ship Creed Flacons??

    Parafilm is the answer. Place the stopper in the flacon securely and then wrap the stopper and the neck of the bottle in parafilm. Wrap the leather hood on top of all that and you should be good to go.
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    Default Re: How to Ship Creed Flacons??

    On this topic, I'm curious about how the flacons fare when shipped brand new from retailers? Is it relatively secure from leakage?
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    Default Re: How to Ship Creed Flacons??

    it seems that most retailers just ship the Flacons without much security (even creed), so you end up losing around 5% or so, but can be more sometimes
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