BMM10 The Road To The Final Spritz Serge Lutens Regional Final

The last piece of the Fragrant Four is in place. I’m Somerville Metro Man reporting from the Shiseido Sports Center on the Royal Palais grounds in Paris, welcome to The Road To The Final Spritz. All during this year’s tournament we have had niche vs. designer battles and for this last regional final it seems fitting that we have another as the #10 seed Boucheron Jaipur Homme takes on #12 Serge Lutens Chergui.

Jaipur Homme has been the Cinderella of this year’s tournament. Overlooked by many and placed in a sub-region where a designer fragrance was guaranteed to advance to the regional final. When all the handicappers looked over the other designer fragrances in this bracket I’m pretty sure there weren’t a lot who predicted Jaipur Homme to be the team that would be in this position. Right from the first round with Jaipur Homme’s 45-36 victory over Davidoff Cool Water they were giving notice they would not be an easy bottle to play. The second round saw an unexpectedly easy victory over Dior Fahrenheit followed by a three point win over Gucci Envy for Men to put them in this regional final.

Chergui was one of two Serge Lutens fragrances in the Essential Eight and Serge Lutens was the only House with multiple bottles in this round. Chergui showed that they were perhaps a little underseeded as they stormed their way into this regional final on the backs of three blowouts; a 50-point victory over Comme des Garcons Avignon, 21-point victory over Dior Homme, and an 18-point victory over Czech & Speake No. 88. Those last two victories were particularly impressive because both of those bottles were highly regarded and many people’s pre-tournament picks to advance from this region.

The home Boutique crowd was on their feet as Chergui made their way onto the floor. The Jaipur fans couldn’t match the noise but they could match the belief in their bottle as the opening spritz-off approached. In many ways this was the last good moment for Jaipur Homme as once things got underway the Chergui juggernaut was spraying on all atomizers as they immediately jumped out to a 10-point lead and by halftime had extended it to twenty, 33-13. Jaipur looked like they had fallen off their horse and couldn’t get up. Things didn’t get any better for the designer bottle in the second half as Chergui just kept up their withering pace and Jaipur Homme seemed to disappear like a cheap cologne. In the end the final score showed another mauling by Chergui, 48-25. Chergui’s opponent in the Fragrant Four will be Guerlain Vetiver and that should be a good test of Chergui’s staying power.

Remember to keep voting and watching as only you have the ability to determine the winner.
A personal note here as this reporter would like to express his sincere congratulations to the tournament organizer bluesoul and his fiancé exquisitely_me on the occasion of their engagement.
After they are done celebrating we’ll get things going with the Fragrant Four matches in the Osborne Olfactory Arena in Basenotes City.
Until then, I'll see you back here on The Road to The Final Spritz.
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