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    Default Brian Fantana's Cologne Collection

    Any of you who saw "Anchorman" remembers the "Time to musk up!" scene where Brian Fantana pulls his bottle of Sex Panther out of his cologne cabinet. If you pause the film clip, you can see the names of some of the other bottles in his cologne cabinet, such as:

    "Wood Grains"
    "Stephane's Clique"

    These all look like real, legit colognes (there are also Azzaro PH, Pinaud Musk and Hai Karate in his cabinet), but I've never heard of them. Any of you know anything about these scents, if they ever did exist?

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    Default Re: Brian Fantana's Cologne Collection

    There was an old frag that was called something like Wood Grain. Someone was selling the Teak one on ebay not long ago.

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    Default Re: Brian Fantana's Cologne Collection

    "Stag" was the in-house Men's grooming brand for the old Rexall Drug Store chain, prevalent through Texas at least, back in the day. I remember the stores from early childhood. They produced everything from foot powder to shaving soap.

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    Default Re: Brian Fantana's Cologne Collection

    I do know a cologne company is now selling a version of Sex Panther. I'm pretty sure it isn't anything like the stuff from Anchorman. I finally broke down and ordered a bottle from Amazon. It is a 1.6 ounce bottle and costs around $40. I do know that mahogany is listed as one of the notes. I'm really curious about this one, since it isn't really talked about much on the web. It seems like most of the people that already have it just got it as a gag gift and can't really say exactly what it smells like. Maybe I'll be able to comment more once I get my bottle in the mail. I did freeze frame the colonge cabinet from Anchorman before.
    I thought it was funny how many of the colognes in there appeared to be very cheap drug store frags. Any then you spend your
    life savings on a cologne like Sex Panther that smells terrible and probably cost 2 weeks pay at that!

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    Default Re: Brian Fantana's Cologne Collection

    I was curious about the Sex Panther too, simply because of the "mahogany" but I'll hold off buying it until someone else actually does because I'm too cheap to do so myself.

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    Default Re: Brian Fantana's Cologne Collection

    Yeah, hopefully , my $40 blind buy will work out to my advantage. If not, then at least I can use the experience to forewarn fellow basenoters. Interestingly enough, it makes me wonder why more people haven't remarked on this particular scent. I'm guessing decants and samples are nearly impossible to come by. Also, images of smelling like "Bigfoot's dick" or "a diaper filled with indian food" hardly help sales either. As for me, there have been many other blind buys that I have made that have cost me more than a mere $40.

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    Default Re: Brian Fantana's Cologne Collection

    I'm watching this now, I have the HD DVD version so you can clearly make out some of these.

    Stag Electric Pre Shave Lotion
    Mennen Time Prop Electric Pre Shave
    Stephan's Clique
    Hai Karate
    Max Factor Wood Grains Teakwood Cologne

    One in the back is just green liquid that says Regular Aftershave

    After the cut back to Ron you can see on the top shelf what looks like
    Craft Aftershave
    Brut (in a relatively modern can)
    Pinaud Clubman Musk

    After the next cut back to Ron when it goes back to Brian you can make out
    4711 (in a large bottle)
    and what looks like Jade East but you can't read the lable.

    I am watching this on my 720p HDTV so I might be able to make out a few more of these if I watch this in 1080p, some of the smaller lables might be possible to see.

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    Default Re: Brian Fantana's Cologne Collection

    Kolonia comes up on a google, available according to a website in the following scents, Gardenia, Lavender, Natural (1800), Orange, Rose, Sandalwood, Tobacco, Vetivert and Violet. As far as whats in the movie I can't really tell from the small lables on the site.

    Stephan's is barber shop supply with several aftershaves available, this was probably one such variety at one time.

    Someone was selling the Max Factor stuff not too long ago.

    Most if not all of them are probably real. A few in the back of the real stuff probably props. Looks like they just rounded up some vintage stuff for display in the case and where not available used modern bottles (Brut, the 4711 bottle looks newer too).

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    Default Re: Brian Fantana's Cologne Collection

    Do you have a link for this Stephan's place?

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    Default Re: Brian Fantana's Cologne Collection

    gotta love a LITER of fragrance selling for $6.95!

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    Default Re: Brian Fantana's Cologne Collection

    I'm wearing my Sex Panter cologne for the first time today!

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