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    Default Ralph Lauren Monogram - Help Please.

    Monogram. Started in 1985, completely cancelled and recalled by 1987, as the blue dye in the bottles were making consumers ill. I want to know what mine are worth, if you could assist me.

    Neither has a box, both are Colognes, not aftershaves. Neither is "monogrammed" with the buyer's initials as both bottles were gifts and not store-bought.

    One is full, the other is about 2/5 full, both 1.8 oz. bottles. One has the sticker underneath, the other does not. Both have original bottles, have not staled, have been stored in cool, no-light places for years, and both bottles are in great shape.

    I can't post pictures of them, sorry, so I've tried to explain them as best I can.


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    Default Re: Ralph Lauren Monogram - Help Please.

    utterly worthless. send 'em along to me.

    honestly though, they are worth whatever people will pay for them, basically, which I know isn't the answer you were necessarily looking to get. I'd say take good photos of them and put them on ebay. Seems like a few years ago people were paying foolishly high prices for them. Dunno if that's the case still.

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