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    Default simultaneously warm and cool

    I posted a few comments recently about Gucci PH II being one of few scents I have which I find distictly warm and cool at the same time. It actually took me a few wearings of it to finally realize what was setting it apart. Then it occurred to me upon wearing Geir one day that it too does the same thing very effectively, which boosted my opinion of it. I'm starting to wonder the same about Millesime Imperial which, to me, combines "warm" fruit with aqua notes, whereas many others use "cool" fruit for that.

    Are there any other men's frags that anyone has worn recently or comes to mind, that create this warm/cool synergy nicely? I'd be most interested in designer, but less expensive or less obscure niche is certainly welcome.


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    Default Re: simultaneously warm and cool

    Many aromatic fougeres with their cool-warm notes of citrus and lavender, sweet spices and oriental woods.
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