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    Default Fragrance for my mother

    Hello ladies.

    I need your help

    My mother will be 52 next month and I want to buy her first "real" fragrance as a surprise. She used just cheap fragrances so far.

    She liked Brunno Banani About women very much, also I gave her my CK One which she likes too. From my wardrobe she likes probably Dior Homme most.

    I have no idea where to start but I think that she definitely prefer fresh/soft fragrances over heavy. We have also summe coming so take it into consideration.. She wears casual clothes to work so no classic fragrances please. Also designer only and cheaper is better (so no Channel/Dior ) .

    So far my ideas are (fragrances that i like):

    CK Euphoria - I love this but I am afraid that this will be heavy to her..
    D&G Light BLue - this have to be safe buy for everyone. Doesnt it?
    Davidoff - Cool Water Wave - cheap and fresh
    Gucci EDP 2

    I would prefer something from this houses (because I can sample them easy):

    Calvin Klein
    Dolce & Gabanna
    Giorgio Armani
    Hugo Boss
    Salvatore Ferragamo

    Thank you.
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    Default Re: Fragrance for my mother

    Bulgari Eau Parfumee au The Rouge or The Vert
    Prada Infusion d'Iris
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    Default Re: Fragrance for my mother

    Disambiguations first:
    -- CK Euphoria might project as too heavy indeed, especially in the beginning. Ripe burgundy fruit prevents many people from waiting for the scent to completely develop.
    -- DG Light Blue is fresh but by no means soft, she needs to appreciate certain citrucy-woody sharpness to fully enjoy it. Besides, it is too popular in Europe.
    -- Cool Water Wave -- have not tried this one, but you do not want your mom to smell cheap, do you?
    -- Gucci EdP 2 -- can't say much about this one, but I have been wanting to try it for some time. I have read it is a fruity floral with some woods and patch not totally unlike Coco Mademoiselle. On a sweet side.

    -- +1 to Red Tea -- woody-figgy enough for a substantial fragrance and light enough for "on the go" feel;
    -- +1 to Green Tea -- green light freshness in a bottle, the most fleeting of all Bulgari Teas;
    -- Bulgari Femme -- well-constructed floral for moms;
    -- Kenzo KenzoFlower -- soft but by no means fresh, cuddly, skin scent without too much projection, nice and lasting;
    -- Kenzo Summer -- in a yellow-themed box -- sweet mimosa/acacia scent;
    -- Givenchy Le De -- hard to find, soft honeysuckle scent, fresh and summery;
    -- not on your list, but I can't tire to repeat that the most adorable scent on moms is L'Or de Torrente -- in a recent similar thread the gentleman looking for a fragrance for his 60 y.o. mom picked it out of many others he sampled. It is versatile and can perform as soft, not too sweet, long lasting, fresh and enchanting at the same time. If you stumble upon Torrente brand, My Torrente is also well-worth trying.
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    Default Re: Fragrance for my mother

    Here's the fragrance notes for Bruno Banani's About Woman, if it helps someone!

    top notes: granny smith apple, blood orange, fruity notes and wild strawberry
    middle notes: iris, rose and violet
    base notes: sandalwood, amber, tonka bean and vanilla.

    Maybe Burberry Brit? It's a soft, light, sweetened citrus that gets softer and warmer as it dries down. Nice non-kiddy bottle and available at a good price though discounters. You might be able to pick her up a backup bottle of About Woman too (looks like it's discontinued now!)

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    Default Re: Fragrance for my mother

    The Bvlgari's are an excellent choice for what you're looking for.

    I'll add Bvlgari Omnia as a recommendation. Not fresh (doesn't smell like laundry or powder or citrus), but it's very soft, with a tea-like opening that yields to a milky cocoa scent that is not too sweet.

    +1 for Prada Infusion D'Iris, too. Very nice, pleasant, never over-powering.

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    Default Re: Fragrance for my mother

    Be a good son and take your mother out on a surprise birthday sniffing adventure. You will learn more about her, her preferences, get her something that she really likes, and make her very happy!

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    Default Re: Fragrance for my mother

    seconding,thirding all the Bulgari teas (don't forget to try the white one, my fave!) and seconding/thirding/whatever..the Prada Infusion D'Iris..
    Adding "Lacoste pour femme"; it's a nice,soft, creamy floral, that wears close to skin...very motherly to me. Nothing especially enthralling, but easy to get and non-expensive.
    As Twolf said, also a NO to Light Blue and the Davidoff..everybody here smiles like that (Light Blue actually I loved when it came out, but as a protest to it's massification I've never bought it again...)
    And Therese's sniffing adventure is a great idea...sometimes we just don't dare to go outside of our comfort's time to spray and dab and try new things!!
    Have fun!
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