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    Default Users of hair dressings or hair lotions.

    To me these are necessary in daily grooming. Anyone here use any?

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    Default Re: Users of hair dressings or hair lotions.

    I use Pashana stuff pretty much every day. I tend to go for their Bay Rum most of the time, although I do sometimes plump for their Eau de Portugal. I always get the "with oil" version as my hair is very dry. If I shave my head during summer, I find it a perfect solution to flaky scalp syndrome, too.

    I've tried most of the tonics out there, and end up using Pashana - I just find their scents are more subtle than most, except for Pashana Original which is ghastly. I don't mind Trumpers or T&H, but they're too heavily scented for me. DRH and TOBS do literally nothing other than scent my hair, and i'd prefer just to spritz and EDT or run some cologne through for that. My hair actually feels "better" for using Pashana. I can only describe it as a hair moisturiser.

    FWIW, Aztec, i've seen your posts on the shaving forums and I enjoy them. Are you still rolling with the Harris tonics?

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