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    Default Re: How to make vanilla absolute?

    Supercritical CO2 would probably be the best for getting the vanillin and higher homologues. Nothing that some swagelock stainless steel and a quick browse through McMaster Carr couldn't fix!

    For the amateur though: invest in a soxhlet apparatus and then carefully distill off the excess alcohol. A soxhlet has a porous paper cup or ceramic cup that the material to be extracted sits in, while a boiling flask is connected underneath. The boiling solvent evaporates travels into the condenser where it condenses and runs though the extraction cup. The solvent keeps boiling and keeps extracting, making it highly efficient.
    You can use different solvents (or make an azeotrope) to modulate the polarity. Vanillin is a phenol and an aldehyde (think aromatic alcohol, polar due to inductive effects), so it is water and alcohol soluble. This means that butane, heptane, pentane, hexane, and other aliphatic solvents won't work AT ALL.

    I can make a tutorial if people would like...

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    Default Re: How to make vanilla absolute?

    i haven't properly read this thread (very little time) but this is interesting stuff. chemistwithanose, a tutorial would be lovely.

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    Default Re: How to make vanilla absolute?

    Chemist, thanks as usual for your insight. I a have a small Soxhlet that I have used successfully to extract various things into ethanol (e.g. tea, ambrette seed) . Your comment: "carefully distill off the excess alcohol" has always been my problem. I can find nowhere (on the internet...) that discusses other than in the vaguest terms, how to do that (same with tinctures). My assumption is one would want to evaporate the alcohol under a vacuum to keep the temperature low? Or is there an easier way (for hobby/tabletop)?

    PS I bought a 48 watt 2 liter ultrasound machine over the weekend and I have been playing with it. I put a vanilla pod, cut finely, in 30 mls of ethanol, then sonicated it for an hour. Seems to work well, although I don't have an aged tincture for comparison. Also great for cleaning bottles and other lab glass, stainless items.

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    Default Re: How to make vanilla absolute?

    A vacuum would be ideal (I recommend getting a PTFE diaphragm pump from eBay, either by Vaccubrand or KNF Neuberger, that's what I use in my laboratory).

    One could just use a water aspirator, or buy a recirculating aspirator (Brinkmann is a vendor). You need to get a good 24/40 distillation kit to put the extract in there. Or better yet, a rotary evaporator with a dry ice condenser.

    I'll work on a tutorial when I have some free time.


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    Default Re: How to make vanilla absolute?

    Alright new question: What is the difference between an absolute and an oleoresin?
    From my understanding the absolute is made from vanilla concrete which is the final stage of the C02 extraction (using whatever as a medium) and an oleoresin is made from an alcohol extraction and then added to a vacuum to extract the alcohol being left with an oleoresin. The oleoresin is supposedly stronger than the absolute(?). Also, how are their applications different? Which application is food grade vanilla extract made from and which is cosmetic grade (oils) made from?

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    Default Re: How to make vanilla absolute?

    I think you are talking about an oleoresin not an absolute. Absolutes are made with a cold extraction. Any extraction that uses heat will destroy part of the vanilla structure. Absolutes are made for aromatherapy and soap production because they are soluble in oil not alcohol. Whereas the oleoresin is used in industrial products.

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    Default Re: How to make vanilla absolute?

    Wow, it's seems that everyone is interested in making home-made absolutes! Thanks to everyone, especially for the vanilla absolute recipe, but the "gasy" part really scares me! For the professional material, good to know all the details but it's super technical and costly for me!

    Now, talking about oleoresin, my vanilla EO is already an oleoresin type, dark and strong liquid that is NOT oil-soluble... Referring to the other types of oleoresins, it may sound tempting because they are very concentrated liquid forms and are very affordable. But as you said, nakedseewtshop, they are not at all meant to be used for perfumery but only for food industry since they can be very allergic and even though some of them are soluble in alcohol and oil! Also, they need to be tinctured: NDA. Generally, these oleoresins come from spices, so it is really worth to work with this type of material while essential oils from spices are really affordable??
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