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    You know... I don't like coconut in PROJECTING PERFUSENESS... but I do like it as an "undertone/note"... This morning a coworker was wearing something with lingering MASSIVE SILLAGE COCONUT!!!!!!!"... frankly it was just kind of like wearing a too-fragrant lei to the office... too obvious.
    I know what you mean. Coconut seems to get amplified in the sillage affecting the balance of the other notes. A lady at work (it was around noon time) was wearing - 99% sure of it - FM Carnal Flower. I love tubereuse and I have a great respect for CF but I believe there was an coconut rough edge in the sillage that was too prominent for my liking - affecting the 'purity' of the fragrance. Perhaps it comes out more in a latter part of the development(?). Or perhaps too many sprays were applied that day - or maybe it was just the ventilation in that room. Let's hope it was the latter(s) as I happen to own two CF travel sprays. All that said, the opening of CF is truly stunning and I think it will definitely 'turn heads' outdoors. Which causes me to speculate that coconut just isn't a good "office scent" note(?).
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