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    Default Do you keep your aftershaves in the bathroom?

    For those of you who use aftershave lotions (not balms or creams), do you store them in your bathroom? If so, does it affect the smell of the aftershave?

    I ask this because it's believed by many that the vast temperature changes in a bathroom can spoil a perfume. I had to dump my last bottle of Kouros becuase it turned after leaving it in my medicine cabinet for about a year (it was a splash bottle - love to splash it on after taking a shower).

    Are aftershaves made so they can withstand the temperature changes in a bathroom? I have to think the manufacturers would expect guys to keep them in the bathroom for easy access after shaving.

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    Default Re: Do you keep your aftershaves in the bathroom?

    Good question Shamu, I do and never really thought about the frag going bad. I never had a problem like you did (to bad, and kouros no less) but then again maybe it's because an aftershave does not last as long as a Edc or EDT. remember that if you Shave as often as I do (because of my job) it will probably not spoil. Just an opinion, I'm not an expert at this

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    Default Re: Do you keep your aftershaves in the bathroom?

    I keep all my junk in the bathroom and I've had one casualty that I know of. A bottle of BdP lost it's luster. But it was 3/4 gone and I had it about 8 years.

    I'm not air conditioned either, and there is some pretty extreme heat in the summer. I'm actually at the point of considering a wine cooler or some such for frags. Ugh.

    I don't know about after shaves. Some of them I've dabbled with seem so light, it would hard to tell honestly.
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    Default Re: Do you keep your aftershaves in the bathroom?

    The only aftershave I use these days is Pinaud Bay Rum (followed by some neat witch hazel) and, whilst I do keep it in the bathroom, because I use it every day, sometimes twice a day (I use it as a toner as well), a big bottle of it never lasts long enough to turn. In the days when I was using designer aftershaves (usually either Aramis or Boss Bottled), I never kept them in the bathroom and they sat with my colognes and EDTs.

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    Default Re: Do you keep your aftershaves in the bathroom?

    So far, I never kept my aftershaves- irrespective if as lotion or as balm- in the bathroom, but either along with my EDT-strength frags or in my cosmetics pouch, next to my razor and other grooming products
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    Default Re: Do you keep your aftershaves in the bathroom?

    Unlike spray EDTs, which I have no problem leaving in the bathroom, I'd be wary doing the same with aftershave splashes - particularly if you are going to ration them out over many years.

    I also recollect reading somewhere to be very careful with any splash be it EDT or aftershave, if you apply it to skin directly, then apparently there's a chance of bacteria or whatever making its way into the bottle and wrecking it. I'm semi sceptical about this, but I've tried direct splashing since, rather than applying to hand and then splashing.

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