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    Default New to custom perfumery.

    Hello. I am new to this forum, and will soon to be new to making perfumes. I have wanted to start for a while, and finding this forum has ignited my interest. Before I start I want to get as much information as possible so my first trials are more successful that others seem to be. I don't have a lot of money to work with, so that's an important note too.

    I'm thinking of trying to try to imitate colognes that I am interested in first, since their ingredient list has been put together by professionals, so all I can mess up is the dosage.

    My first projects will be: Kenneth Cole Reaction and Tommy Bahama's Set Sail Saint Barts because these are my two favorite colognes.

    Here are the ingredients that I have found:

    Reaction: Top notes are melon, green apple, watermelon and lemon; middle notes are patchouli and lily-of-the-valley; base notes are sandalwood and musk. (I don't smell patchouli in this, and have recently found out that I hate the smell of it by itself. I wonder how it will affect the smell to leave it out?)

    Set Sail: Top notes are lime and tequila; middle notes are guava, green notes and salt; base notes are musk, vanilla and palm leaf.

    My question for you guys is: Do you have any suggestions on the amounts of each that I should use and do you have any tips for me?

    Also, I was thinking of making a Key Lime Pie-style men's cologne. Any ideas what would be some ingredients in that?

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    Default Re: New to custom perfumery.


    it's not that simple. these notes are not the ingredients. a good deal of them do not even exist, either as oil or as aroma chemical.
    look at the side of the box of your colognes to see some of the things that are actually in them, to get an idea. (these are only the ones that have to be listed, most are hidden)

    type "geraniol" in google to find out what geraniol smells like.

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    Default Re: New to custom perfumery.

    So, essentially I need to research what oils give off certain smells?

    Sounds hard to pinpoint exact smells. Like, if I was a fresh picked watermelon or lime, how would I go about finding that exact smell?

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    Default Re: New to custom perfumery.

    thegoodscentscompany, google, find resources, study, ask around, try things out. that's how i am learning it.

    all these small bottles in a perfumers organ, try to see them as building blocks.

    i would not know how to construct a melon. i could order a melon base somewhere, but then i would not know how to bend it to be the right shape. so i need to study it's elements first. i can start by reading, thegoodscentscompany, google, etc. i remember octavian at 1000fragrances once posted a formula for a melon similar to the one roudnitska did use, i could study that, and so on.
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