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    Default Victorinox - Swiss Army

    125th Anniversary
    House: Victorinox
    Perfumer: Mane (fragrance house)
    Year: 2009
    Formulation: EDT

    top notes: cardamom and grapefruit
    middle notes: bitter cacao powder and larch wood
    base notes: hay and tonka beans

    Description: Inspired by the simple, seductive charm of a chocolate birthday cake, our perfumers have created an anniversary Eau de Toilette with the aromas of cocoa beans and woody ingredients that's deserving of its name: elegant and masculine with a touch of tradition.

    Limited quantities are available for this Special Edition 125th Anniversary collectible. It will only be available while supplies last or until March 31, 2010.

    So, if you like the sound of this, you have 2 days left to buy it from them!

    Swiss Army/Classic
    House: Victorinox
    Year: 1997
    Formulation: Masculine / EDT

    top notes: green notes, yuzu, mint and bergamot
    middle notes: rosemary, lavender, violet leaf and edelweiss
    base notes: cypress, musk, balsam fir and cedar

    Description: A masculine scent that possesses a blend of fresh, tangy notes of citrus blended with lavender sweet spice and woody notes. A refreshing elegant fragrance from Switzerland, designed for the classic gentleman with exceptionally good taste.

    For Her
    House: Victorinox
    Perfumer: Harry Fremont
    Year: 2002
    Formulation: Feminine / EDT

    notes: lily of the valley, edelweiss, blue buttercup, peony, mountain daffodil, organic ginger root and crisp green water mint.

    Description: This fresh, floral and dazzling fragrance is for the active, contemporary women. She seeks stylishly natural, clean scent to carry her through the day. This unique blend of Lilly of the Valley, Peony and fizzy Ginger surrounds you in all of the glory of nature. It is the fragrance for the modern, spontaneous women with natural class.

    House: Victorinox
    Year: 2001
    Formulation: Masculine / EDT

    Top notes: virginia cedar and juniper berries
    middle notes: sage and mint
    base notes: woodsy notes.

    Description: Swiss Army Altitude is a fresh, woody and very masculine scent. It was created for men who want a very stimulating effect from their eau de toilette. The fragrance conveys the power and freshness of snowcapped peaks where stress evaporates into thin air. Swiss Army Altitude is like a mountain breeze, intensive and light at the same time.

    The black bottle has been inspired by the small oxygen tanks that Swiss soldiers use in extreme high altitude conditions. A timely men’s fragrance at the height of quality.

    An exhilarating sensation of altitude…

    Mountain Water
    House: Victorinox
    Year: 2008
    Formulation: Masculine / EDT

    notes: rock lichens, herbs

    Description: Swiss Army Mountain Water fascinates through an icy freshness that only mountain climbers experience on glaciers. The head becomes clear, the spirit rises, one feels reborn.

    It doesn´t get any fresher than this.

    This innovative masculine fougere fragrance unfolds its full dynamic force in the first few seconds.

    The design of the flacon is inspired by the crystal clear blue mountain water from the Swiss Alps. The intense blue bottle emphasizes the fresh vitality and energizing spirit of the scent

    Mountain Water for Her
    House: Victorinox
    Perfumer: Givaudan (fragrance house)
    Year: 2009
    Formulation: Feminine / EDT

    top notes: bergamot and neroli
    middle notes: violet and mate
    base notes: cedarwood and hay absolute

    Description: Swiss Army Mountain Water for Her is inspired by the men’s fragrance of the same name and reflects the feminine harmony and romance of the mountains. This fresh, clear fragrance will transport your senses up to the peaks of the Swiss mountains, reviving your body like the spray of an icy waterfall and captivating your spirit with the scent of colourful alpine blossom. Let your thoughts linger awhile in this crystal clear freshness, blessed with a soft blossomy scent, in unconstrained harmony with nature.
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