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    Default Fake fragrances on

    I just received Terre D'Hermes and Burberry London in the mail. I ordered both items directly from (not from a third party seller). Neither product smells anything like the samples I own. In fact, the Burberry London basically just reeks of alcohol. I can't say for certain whether or not they are actual "fakes", but I was wondering: Has anyone on this board had any problems with Amazon - and if so, were you able to get around their "no returns" policy in regard to fragrances?

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Amazon is actually quite loyal to their customers.. explain to them what you received and they may issue you a refund or send you replacements at no charge. When they say "no returns" it's basically just because it's some sort of hazard to reship fragrances back to them. I had a problem with a cologne from them which I told them about.. they sent me a replacement and it still smelled old or like it has been exposed to sunlight and decomposed or something (as did the first I received). So they eventually refunded me.
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    Default Re: Fake fragrances on

    Very unlikely Amazon will be selling fakes. As Cologneist points out, more likely that they have turned.

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    If I'm not mistaken Amazon is consistently voted at or very close to the top of the Best Customer Service Lists each year. I would be willing to bet confidently that if they are in fact sold by Amazon, and NOT a third party selling THROUGH Amazon, that they aren't fake.
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    I did have one occasion of Amazon sending a discoloured bottle of Hermes Kelly Caleche (bad or old bottle) but overall they sell excellent discounted perfumes and back up the reputation of the Marketplace vendors, as well. The Marketplace vendors have a reputation to keep with good customer ratings or they will lose their Amazon seller status.
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    Default Re: Fake fragrances on

    Never had a problem receiving anything but the real deal from Amazon.

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    there have been problems on amazon sometimes especially with creed and versace. i usually get testers on amazon since most counterfeiters package the colognes for more money and since there is little money in testers those people are less likely to make that area "dirty"

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    Default Re: Fake fragrances on

    Did you buy from a third party or from Amazon directly?
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    Default Re: Fake fragrances on

    I got an adulterated 'Bergamot' (The Different Company) from Amazon (Beauty Encounter) I comp[lained and explained the bottle is one that can be opened for refill, they accepted return. Went without a hitch. I can't say I've purchased from anything othjer than an established Boutiq

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    I know this is old but it seems like an important thing to discuss.

    I've ordered three bottles of gucci by gucci pour homme from amazon over the past 6 months and not one of them has smelled right. What I have noticed is that they have 4 digit numbers plastered on the bottom and it seems like the higher that number is, the more it smells like the real thing. This leads me to put some stock in the idea that maybe the fragrances have turned or some such thing.

    In any case, Amazon has been wonderful with refunding me when I asked for it. Still, this is rather unfortunate as amazon prime shipping is slightly more convenient than paying for it with scentmonkey..

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