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    Default Il Profumo Fragrances

    Has anyone tried any fragrances from this line, and if so, what are your thoughts/impressions?

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    Default Re: Il Profumo Fragrances

    I tried quite a few men's samples from this company late last year. Personally some smelt pleasant to start with, but they either faded away very quickly on me, or they left a chemical smell, but other people's skin will be different, so I'm certain many people will like these and they are definitely worth trying out.

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    Default Re: Il Profumo Fragrances

    I own two and love both of them-- Aventure and G11.

    However, there are many others in the line I tried but wasn't overly wowed about... especially some that from descriptions seemed a perfect fit. And thus, the moral of this story is, don't be fooled by good ad copy!

    From many of those I'd tried, there is a common base that seems to be employed... a bit saccharine-sweet, which in and of itself would sound awful, but oddly enough it does work well in Aventure. G11 is an absolute must-try, though; smoky, in a Jean Paul Belmondo/ Galouise way. A major compliment-getter

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    Default Re: Il Profumo Fragrances

    If we graciously ignore that the nauseating midi-music on the website sounds like the Who's the Boss theme song, this is not an uninteresting house. I love Vetyver, which is a traditional-style spicey-floral composition balanced to perfection, not actually a strongly vetiver-focussed scent. Subtle, but very long-lasting, great with fine clothes, whether business or casual. I also like Touaregh a lot, though I have yet to buy a full bottle. It's a bit more "modern" in notes, but has the same subtlety and balance. The chocolates are good for gourmand lovers.

    Edit: I agree, aventure is a good one, too, though perhaps even more conventional. G11 I personally found too dry, but if you like that style it's worth trying.
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    Default Re: Il Profumo Fragrances

    I have tried Cafe Vert, Ambre d'Or, Chocolat Amere and Vetiver di Java. Of the four I have tried, I enjoy Chocolat Amere the most; the chocolate is tempered with enough spice and woodsy notes to balance the sweetness.

    Cafe Vert is a very transparent fragrance, featuring a light and pleasant herbal coffee note backed by light floral notes that is very enjoyable to wear especially in hot weather.

    The other two I have not tried for well over a year, but if memory serves me correctly Ambre d'Or smelled a lot like Musk Lifesavers (how I miss Musk Lifesavers) and Vetiver di Java is a lightly smoky vetiver/incense/floral mix. I might just have to break out my samples/decants of these to refresh my memory.
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    Default Re: Il Profumo Fragrances

    I got a sample vial of Pioggia Salata when I was in Rome. It has 6 floral notes and is supposed to evoke a beach-y theme (sand, palm trees). I don't get anything beach-like, oceanic, or aquatic here. It is an EdP so it is rich and dense. At times it has a clean/soapy smell, other times a smooth floral smell with a bit of spice and amber. It sits close to the skin.
    Nothing to wow me, and not really my style. But it seems like good quality.

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    Default Re: Il Profumo Fragrances

    I sampled quite a few of them in Rome a year and a half ago, and the standout for me was Vetiver de Java. It’s one of those rare frags that smell both very classical and balanced, with no gimmicks, yet completely modern and relevant at the same time. I get great longevity and interesting progression with it also as it goes through its stages. I really enjoy wearing this one.

    I also have a few samples of G11, which I also really like. I would probably purchase it if I ran across it…it reminds me very strongly of Helmut Lang Cuiron.

    What I have always wanted to try are the “Absolu’s” of their scents, which I did not see testers for where I was sampling. I actually started a thread about the Absolu’s a while back to see if anyone had tried any, but got no feedback.
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    Default Re: Il Profumo Fragrances

    Only Chocolat Amere. Death by chocolate. Wow.

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    Default Re: Il Profumo Fragrances

    Touaregh, Patchoulli Noir and Vetiver de Java are the best of what I have tried. The 3 Chocolate ones are all too sweet on me.

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    Default Re: Il Profumo Fragrances

    Vetiver de Java is by far my favorite of any current vetiver on the market. It's quite underrated.
    Rare, vintage, and niche off-site sales.
    Big list of niche splits.
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    Default Re: Il Profumo Fragrances

    Cologne de l'Empereur

    A high quality natural eau de cologne. Not bad at all. The opening is bright citrus and candied fruit with a floral heart and a civet type base. Probably not worth the price though for this type of genre.

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