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    Default jaipur homme boucheron

    Has anyone tried jaipur homme by boucheron and what did you think of it ?
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    Default Re: jaipur homme boucheron

    Sounds like you don't know about the BN directory. Just click on directory and search for Jaipur and you'll see the different versions you can choose, which brings you to the reviews. I've felt that the heliotrope was too strong and the spices too weak, but I'm going to try it again and see. Right now, I think I prefer Diesel Zero Plus au Masculin, but it is rough for 45 minutes or so (at first).

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    Default Re: jaipur homme boucheron

    Tried it a few times. Love it the first time with its glow of lightly spiced but powdery sweetness. But I find it a tad too spicy too sweet the next few times. I feel it presents itself a little differently in different weather conditions. If you like your fragrances to be sweet & spicy, Jaipur Homme is a good option. But I prefer Arpege pour Homme by Lanvin.

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    Default Re: jaipur homme boucheron

    Like DiamondFlame said, very spicy and powdery for me. May be the most owdery" frag I've tried. I did like it, but I found it had a bit of a mature vibe in a way I didn't like.

    I am mature, but on me this one felt older than I'd like. But that was some time back and I may wear it again. If you're quite young, it may not be a good scent for you.

    DO check our Directory for a wide variety of reviews of it.
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    Default Re: jaipur homme boucheron

    I love this juice ... I used it almost exclusively in the late 90s.
    A tranny prostitude once came up to me at Copenhagen Central Station,
    and complimented me on my gorgeous smell - Ja´pur!
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    Default Re: jaipur homme boucheron

    I love it also and reach for it on occasion.

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    Default Re: jaipur homme boucheron

    Very nice scent, but as other people stated. It is just too powdery. I didn't know what powdery meant in a fragrance, but now I do.

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    Default Re: jaipur homme boucheron

    Hey Iceman, welcome to Basenotes !

    I like Jaipur Homme. If you are wondering if it is full bottle worthy, I say "sure". But I cannot argue with Diamondflame and say that it is better than Arpege pour Homme ( from Lanvin). I just had a SotD of Arpege pH, and it really impressed me. Much more versatile than Jaipur Homme, if you ask me.

    But back to Jaipur Homme. I do like it and wear it. It is certainly a more cold weather fragrance for me. Not something to overapply on the chest. This fragrance has very good power. Its somewhat floral and the drydown is creamy in a way. If you like vanilla done is a mature way, then this is it.

    Let us know how it works out and please don't hesitate to ask anymore questions.
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