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    Default What is 'complex'?

    I've just started to try out smells, so please forgive this very simplistic question...

    I've just tried 4 fragrances with sweet dry downs: L'instant Extreme, Jaipur pour homme edp, Dior Homme Intense and Le Male Summer edition.

    For me the Dior smells like minty fresh chocolate and Le Male smells like vanilla candy. The Guerlain and Boucheron on the other hand, have scents that really defies definition for me; they are sweet and I can detect vanilla, but that's the only thing I can sort of pinpoint.

    Would you consider the Guerlain and Boucheron more complex than the other two? I'm not necessarily saying that the simpler scents are bad; I particularly enjoy the chocolatey accord But I'm just interested to figure out if these are what scent experts define complex. If I'm wrong, what is considered a complex scent?


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    Default Re: What is 'complex'?

    "Linear" means that it basically stays the same, so some might argue that such frags lack "complexity." Many "power frags" of the 1980s had a lot of notes, but also had a "creamy" quality, which didn't allow for easy identification of all the notes. L'Instant has quite a bit of development over time, but I wouldn't consider any of the stages to be especially complex. Jaipur Homme doesn't strike me as especially complex but it's rather linear. For me, a "complex" frag is one that has more than a few dominant notes, and the notes are ones that usually aren't thought to "get along" very well. An example of this is Charles Jourdan The Parfum. The notes for that one are: basil, bamboo, mango, peach, iris, almond, amber, patchouli, sandalwood, coffee.
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    Default Re: What is 'complex'?

    Good question.

    Some fragrance appears 'complex' going by the long list of notes listed but often 2 or 3 notes/components combine to form one rather distinctive accord (e.g. amber) so I wouldn't judge 'complexity' by the number of notes listed.

    Others seem 'complex' by the variety of characteristics or nuances presented by the fragrance throughout the scent development. Or a fragrance may present itself differently under different ambient conditions. This is my preferred version of 'complex'.
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    Default Re: What is 'complex'?

    Thanks. Hmmm... personally, I don't really mind a linear fragrance if it smells good all the way. Indeed, most of the time, I really only detect the middle notes, and maybe the base notes if I sniff really close to my skin, so maybe this means I'm into 'simple' but well blended scents? :P

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