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    Default Experiencing CREED Paranoia! Please Help!

    I'm new to the world of high-end fragrance, and the other day I stopped by a Perfume Palace at a Mall near my town and purchased what is ostensibly a genuine CREED Original Vetiver. It's a 4 ounce that cost me a mere $130. Which seems a little fishy, considering these go for more than twice that (the $130 price range is usually for CREED's 2.5 oz atomizer).

    However, I am a little familiar with some of the hallmarks of a fake, and did some checking, especially on the bottle itself. From what I can gather, this is the real article. The juice smells really, really nice. Not harsh or synthetic, although a bit overly smooth and linear, very green and fresh, slightly citrusy and soapy, with a little woody, bitter thing going on somewhere in the middle.

    Anyway, I thought I'd post links to pictures of my purchase, and I want to ask you all - from what you can see here, does it look like this is a real CREED? You can see where they snipped the serial number off the box, and I didn't include a photo of it but the number on the bottom backside of the bottle has been filed off, leaving a scratched spot where it used to be. Also when I bought this some of the fluid seemed to have been used - there's maybe an eighth of an inch missing off the very top there, so perhaps I'm not the original owner of this. But let me know what you think.

    Also, if anyone knows this - what are the actual dimensions of a genuine 4 oz bottle of CREED? Basic width and height of the glass part only, excluding any measurements of the atomizing unit and the cap.


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    Default Re: Experiencing CREED Paranoia! Please Help!

    Looks real to me. $130 Creeds can be bought at Costco, btw. If you look on legit websites (parfum1, scentedmonkey, etc) you'll see $130 is the going price.

    They're running out, but I saw GIT, OV, SMW, Erolfa all for sale on their website. Costco only sells legit merchandise.

    That said, you might have an older bottle. But as long as it was stored in the box in a area that never got overly hot, the fragrance is unlikely to have changed.
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    Default Re: Experiencing CREED Paranoia! Please Help!

    I'm going to start off saying that I have no idea if this is actually real or not. Nor do I have any experience with Creed in any fashion.

    However... I can't imagine the need to go through such lengths to hide the serial number unless this was not original in some way. Its way to fishy to disregard.

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    Default Re: Experiencing CREED Paranoia! Please Help!

    Hi karlovonamesti. You've got yourself a grey market Creed. See here for what grey market is and why it's ok:

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    Default Re: Experiencing CREED Paranoia! Please Help!

    Geikamir -

    I totally agree, that's also what I thought when I was buying it.

    DocmanCC -

    Thanks for the information, it's a big help. I've heard about the "grey market", but never really knew what it was. I'm guessing based on what I've read here that the CA printed on the back of my box stands for Canada. Overall, this makes perfect sense.

    BTW, today was the first day wearing this, and I feel pretty stupid now - I know cologne well enough to recognize a cheap fake, and this is light years away from that. It's just about the most beautiful fragrance I've ever owned.

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