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Thread: Best Lacoste?

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    Default Best Lacoste?

    What might the best Lacoste Cologne for men be? I've only tried Booster which I found to be horrible.. I would like to try more from their house though. They seem to be particularly popular amongst younger men, which often means they're light with poor longevity.. but hey..I'm willing to try everything.

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    Default Re: Best Lacoste?

    i didnt find essential very good.. too green for me, not my personal cup o tea.
    i fell in love with style in play... dont really care about anything else now
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    Default Re: Best Lacoste?


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    Default Re: Best Lacoste?

    Lacoste Land is the only fragrance from this house that I have found worthy of a full bottle.

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    Default Re: Best Lacoste?

    The cucumber in essentials might be a hit or miss and I didnt particularly care for it, either, but a lot of folks do like it so you might want to check it out.
    I, personally, had a somewhat undefined fling with Elegance, found it very nice and distinctive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Torx View Post
    i didnt find essential very good.. too green for me, not my personal cup o tea.
    i fell in love with style in play... dont really care about anything else now
    The very Green feel of Essential is exactly why I like it, to each his own. Its on my 'to buy' shortlist for this summer.

    I've not tried Land or Booster, cant find anywhere that have them to test. Lacoste Original is quite enjoyable too, most others are 'meh', Essential Sport is ghastly!
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    Default Re: Best Lacoste?

    Lacoste (original)
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    I am pretty fond of the Grey Bottle, Pour Homme. It's a really nice scent that a lot of reviewers on this site tend to hate. Its pretty sweet, so you have to be ok with that. It's like a dark vanilla. Almost comes off smelling of caramel, but really a really deep and dark version. Dries down smelling like a new wooden chair with a hint of vanilla still, of that makes any sense.

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    Default Re: Best Lacoste?

    Quote Originally Posted by petruccijc View Post
    Lacoste (original)
    +1 here
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    Default Re: Best Lacoste?

    Essential. I like cucumber.

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    Default Re: Best Lacoste?

    I'm not familiar with the rest, but I wore Essential last summer. I like the green. I'll put it in the mix for this summer too.

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    Default Re: Best Lacoste?

    I'm going to have to add my vote for Lacoste Original. I recently purchased a big bottle for old times sake and it is a very nice fresh sporty fragrance, nothing complex but it does its job when you want something fresh and uncomplicated.

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    Default Re: Best Lacoste?

    Lacoste Land

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    Default Re: Best Lacoste?

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    Gotta go with Booster, though I haven't tried Original, which I think I'd like.
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    Default Re: Best Lacoste?

    I like Lacoste Original, but I've not tried Booster...

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    Default Re: Best Lacoste?

    Lacoste Pour Homme is the only one I've ever bought. I've sampled most of them as they showed up, but passed.

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    Default Re: Best Lacoste?

    Winter : Lacoste PH
    Spring : Lacoste stile in play
    Summer : Lacoste Essential

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    Default Re: Best Lacoste?

    Booster of course

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    Default Re: Best Lacoste?

    The original, followed by Elegance. I picked up the original at TJ Max last summer for $15.00 or so/1.7oz, I believe.
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    Default Re: Best Lacoste?

    Right now, I must go with Lacoste Elegance. It smells like a spicy chocolate to my nose.

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    Default Re: Best Lacoste?

    Lacoste Style in Play seemed really light and nice.. but I couldn't smell it after an hour. I've tried that and Essential.. both were unremarkable.

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    Default Re: Best Lacoste?

    Pour Homme, an understated office scent.
    Original Lacoste is very good, too, but there are better in the large field of lemon scents.
    Challenge might be worth a full test wearing after sniffing it on a test strip.

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    Default Re: Best Lacoste?

    My first Lacoste was Booster, which I bought when I was 16. But that was a small bottle, I think it was 15ml. I finished it in a few months and moved on. For the past few years I have bought Essential, Lacoste pour Homme (light grey bottle), Style in Play, Cool Play, Elegance, Land, and Challenge.

    But, recently, I revisited Booster and have grown to like it more than before. It really suits the weather here. The opening is very refreshing.

    Anyway, I think Land is a better fragrance, while have yet to try the original Lacoste.
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    Default Re: Best Lacoste?

    Lacoste, the, it s only a shadow of the real original ...O I hate those reformulations :-(

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    Default Re: Best Lacoste?

    from the ones i have tried i would say essential

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    Default Re: Best Lacoste?

    +1 Lacoste Essential

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    Default Re: Best Lacoste?

    Lacoste Essential - i really love the smell very different from other
    Lacoste style in play - sweet fruit lovely perfect for everyday

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    Default Re: Best Lacoste?

    Booster is a nice uplifting scent,and one of the few bottles that I have ever finished and then I replaced.I also have Lacoste Original,Lacoste Eau de Sport and Elegance,but I rarely use them.I am too curious for info regarding Lacoste 2000...
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    Default Re: Best Lacoste?


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