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Thread: The Two Derbys.

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    Question The Two Derbys.

    I recently discovered a shop that had a bottle of Guerlain Derby aftershave. I snapped it up, but I am not sure if it is the original formula or the re-issue. The bottle is very `A ´formed and has a vertical card seal around the middle. The fragrance starts off very sweet, before doing a complete somersault and turning very dry and smoky.
    Does anyone know which version I have ? As always your help is much appreciated.
    ps. Has the re-issue of Derby also been discontinued, or is it still in production ?

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    Im guessing that is the old version, because I don't think they released an aftershave for the Parisienne line version.

    Either way-- lucky you!
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    You are correct. There is no aftershave of the reissue. The reissue would have been sold in a bee bottle too.

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    It`s the old version. I`ve already saw this bottle in the 50ml edt. I know I seller that had some vintage derbys, if anyone has interest, just pm me.
    I like both old and new versions. The old one looks more concentrated, with the mossy side very evident from the beginning to the end. I found that, altghough strong and manly, the parisienne version seems less thick than the old one, and withouth this mossy side, with a more pronounced leather note than the vintage one.

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    Besides the EDT spray, Derby actually came in both an aftershave splash and an eau de toilette splash (not spray) in the flacon you describe.
    Are you sure yours is aftershave David?
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    I always wondered how effective aftershave is compared to the EdT
    fill us in
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    Hi Dimitri,
    Yes, mine is definitely aftersave, (splash). Many thanks to all of you for the help !

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