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    Default L'HEURE BLUE...a poem by me..


    well i know that the forum is for fragance discussion , but anyway i wanted to share with you a poem i just wrote...

    this days i have been remebering someone who was very special to me..and well.... had the need to express them...

    as a fragance aficionado , i wanted to called this one THE BLUE HOUR as the guerlain famous pefume ( besides

    i think most of my inspiration came from what images come to my mind when i smell this masterpiece )

    i will be sharing this poem too in the femenine thanks in advance for reading it...


    The lover that never was
    Distant times, and memories that died
    Quests unfullfield and dreams that vanished.
    The lover that never was
    The lover that never existed…

    His charming self , a distant echo in my mind
    His charming ways , a untraveled path
    The coldness in his eyes
    The sweetness in his smile.

    Distant times , and memories that now don’t exist
    The travelled time , the lost days gone by
    The blue hour upon me
    the darkness before twilight….

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    Default Re: L'HEURE BLUE...a poem by me..

    That is lovely, and poignant. Thanks so much for sharing that beautiful poem.

    "The force that through the green fuse drives the flower // drives my green age..." Dylan Thomas

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    Default Re: L'HEURE BLUE...a poem by me..

    Congrats, truly evocative and nostalgic

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    If not now, when?

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    Default Re: L'HEURE BLUE...a poem by me..

    Which version of LHB do you own pablo (EdC, EdT, EdP, parfum, new or vintage?)

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