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    Default fragrances with emotions

    We relate many times fragrances to emotions we have and use them for different occasions here are some ideas for you to consider and fill in the frag or frags that you identify with for each.

    Professional: Bois du portugal

    Formal: Royal english leather

    Romantic: Angel men

    Informal/ everyday: virgin island water

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    Default Re: fragrances with emotions

    Professional: Terre D'Hermes / Burberry London / Dior Homme / Tabarome Millesime
    Formal : Hugo Boss XY / Live JAZZ / Paco Rabanne XS PH / Andy Warhol Success is a job in NY (bond no 9)
    Romantic : Versace The Dreamer / Body Kouros / A Taste of Heaven by Kilian
    Informal / Everyday : Acqua di gio / Green Irish Tweed / Uomo Moschino / Bvlgari AQVA Marine ...
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    Default Re: fragrances with emotions

    Professional: Roberto Capucci PH, Chanel pour Monsieur

    Formal: Armani PH, Knize Ten

    Romantic: Ungaro III

    Informal/ everyday: Mugler Cologne

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    Default Re: fragrances with emotions

    Great thread!

    Professional: The Dreamer, TdH, Cigar (Remy Latour), Drakkar Noir, John Varvatos, Fahrenheit, Burberry
    Formal: BLV, Dunhill Pure, Burberry London, Paris Hilton, JPG, Cuba Gold
    Romantic: Lolita Lempicka, Set Sail St Barts, Set Sail South Seas, Romance Silver, Polo Double Black
    Informal: Tommy Bahama, Parah, GIT, Corduroy, Unbound, Cool Water, Curve, ADG, Eternity, Michael Jordan, CK One
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    Default Re: fragrances with emotions

    Thanks Cologneist if you all want to make another list feel free , this is just a free for all as many posts and frags as you can come up with.

    Professional: Tabarome millesime, burberry london,canali, Fahrenheit ( paying homage love the frag) ,paco rabanne ph

    Formal: bvlgari pour homme, bvlgari black ( i think it can be pulled off),Fahrenheit (versatile frag), intimately Beckham, Canali black diamond

    Romantic: Dreamer, Pure malt, acier aluminum, obsession and obsession night, bvlgari black,le male

    Everyday/informal: green irish tweed, millesime imperial, mugler cologne,versace fraiche, cool water,eternity

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    Default Re: fragrances with emotions

    Professional: Siecle
    Formal: Balafre
    Romantic: Gengis Khan
    Everyday: Offrez-Lui

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