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    Question Help please

    Hi guys
    I am looking for a fragrance gift for 23 ys girl and i need your recommendations to try!!!!

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    You need to do some homework before -- ask her what she has been using in the past perfume-wise and what were her reactions -- likes/dislikes? We also would like some info on how she reacts to perfume-wearing people in general -- her relatives, you, passersby. That said, take her to the mall and sniff some testers on the counter together -- it will also give you an idea of what she might like in fragrances in general and you will have some bonding time together, I hope.

    What is the price-range you are looking into?
    What are YOUR preferences in regards with a scent on a woman?

    Sorry if it all sounds like too much work to do, but these are the necessities, I am afraid. :-)
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    Try Marc Jacobs Daisy - it is fresh, floral and has an appealingly youthful flacon.


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    Another one suggestion that most young women would like and for an impressive apple -shaped bottle ,you could consider Nina By Nina Ricci!
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    Donna Karan Be Delicious. This is a nice, light scent and not too heavy.

    How sweet of you to buy perfume!

    Rule of thumb: do NOT simply buy her a perfume and expect her to like it. Ask for recommendations! You can always take her shopping, but be wary of judging on first sniff and spray. Get sample and try them at home after the drydown.
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    How about a great perfume with a good name? I'm thinking about "My Queen".

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