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    Default Prada No.8 Opoponax ????

    Curious about this fragrance also the silage and longevity of it.
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    Default Re: Prada No.8 Opoponax ????

    I think it's wonderful. It starts off with a strong, refreshing bergamot note that fades quite quickly. The dry down starts with a pleasantly sharp resin accord between the amber and the opoponax and in the final dry down it turns softly sweet on the skin (hence the name 'sweet myrrh' I assume). The sweetness is not sickening in the least, very warming and pleasant to me.
    The silage is not very strong but adequate enough. I actually think this is a good thing for this kind of perfume as the subtlety is part of it's charm. It has good longevity on my skin, the sweet dry down can be detected by the end of the day, however I do not have dry skin and perfume tends to last on me so this may not hold true for others.
    I hope this helps others interested in this perfume (even after such a long delay from the original post).
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