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    Default AC/DC Black Ice EDT for Her

    I quite like AC/DC Black Ice EDT for Her which was being sold as a gift set in the local supermarket for $10 and now at Australian Priceline for $15, but felt very uncomfortable buying anything so cheap as a present - especially as it has a pretty garish bottle. But as I generally don't like most women's scents and I liked this one, I thought I'd try it as part of a present.

    We have a friend, and she goes nuts on fragrances using up bottle after bottle, and I always give her some at Christmas - in part as payment, because she looks after our cat when my wife and I go on vacation.

    So last Christmas I gave her several bottles of more expensive, good quality scents, and threw in the Black Ice EDT gift set to make up quantity, as some of those other bottles were only 50ml and 75ml ones.

    Result was that she just kept raving about how great the Black Ice was, how she was always using it, and didn't mention any of the other more expensive ones. Luckily for her, the gift set included both a 100ml and a 20ml bottle of EDT, as well as shower gel.

    My wife thought Black Ice was pretty good too, though it didn't grab her the way it did our friend.

    So I'm curious if anybody else here has tried it?

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    Default Re: AC/DC Black Ice EDT for Her

    NO!!!!!!!! Angus how could you jump on the band wagon.

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    Default Re: AC/DC Black Ice EDT for Her

    Quote Originally Posted by donna255 View Post
    NO!!!!!!!! Angus how could you jump on the band wagon.
    But Angus just drinks tea all the time. He's mainstream.
    And now probably also wears AC/DC Black Ice EDT for Him - a pretty decent scent in a garish bottle.

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