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Thread: Guerlain DJEDI

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    Question Guerlain DJEDI

    How rare is this fragrance? I believe it was re-released in 96 and has since been discontinued for the second time.
    Does anyone know if the Paris boutique still has some stock of the 96 re-issue ?
    I am very curious about this fragrance. It is one of the few Guerlains I have never tried. I´ve looked on ebay and there´s no sign of it. Does anyone know a source where I can buy it ?....(please not the perfumed court though).

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    Completely sold out at Guerlain AFAIK . They show up very occasionally on ebay , usually $1500 and up

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    TPC has some samples of the vintage edition, not sure if they carry the '96 formulation as well.
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    David, did you try Djedi at the Osmotheque setup while you were at Exsence in Milan?

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