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    Default Where can I get JHL?


    I'm interested on this one.

    It's supposedly been reissued, but it seems like no international online store carries it.

    Any tips?

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    Default Re: Where can I get JHL?

    Nordstrom! Macy's!
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    Default Re: Where can I get JHL?

    Quote Originally Posted by justaguy View Post
    Nordstrom! Macy's!
    Do they ship worldwide?

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    Default Re: Where can I get JHL?

    I just checked, Nordstrom doesn't ship internationally and Macy's doesn't even carry JHL...

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    Default Re: Where can I get JHL?

    Be sure to sample first !

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    Default Re: Where can I get JHL?

    Since this was part of the Aramis Gentleman's collection, I'm surprised that you're having a hard time finding this overseas. Your location is undisclosed, so I can't guess, but if you're in Europe you should have no problems finding it. Asia though... I'm no longer as sure - I've not lived in Japan/China for quite a few years.

    Good luck on your search. But beware of some places charging close to $100 USD for a bottle that can be found for around $48 USD if we were to walk into Dillard's or so. I just came back from the actual brick and mortar Dillard's store and they had it, alongside 900 and Devin, but not on their website oddly enough.
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    Default Re: Where can I get JHL?

    I'm in Brazil. The Aramis items I can get here are: Aramis, Life, Tuscany, 900 (very hard to find) and Devin (also very hard to find).

    I'm surprised that not even TPC carries samples of this, what makes the wise "sample first" advice a bit hard to follow.

    Also, no trace of JHL at the Basenotes's marketplace. I was considering to post a swap offer there.

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