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    Thumbs up Five Fragrances to Start a House With......Go!

    Ok guys. Here's the dealio. You're starting your very own fragrance house, simply called "Your Name", I know very "niche" . You have the option of choosing any 5 pre-existing fragrances as your launch scents. Here is your aim.

    1) First and foremost, your goal is to become a huge success. You plan on marketing your fragrances similarly to how Creed does, a sort of mid-niche, available at most high-end department stores (i.e Neiman Marcus, Saks, etc.)
    2) Make sure your fragrances represent a large enough segment of the market, so as to not pigeon-whole yourselves into one category a la Serge Lutens.
    3) Since you are rising up from the ranks of Base Notes, you'll not want to forget that there are a legion of frag-heads out there expecting complex works of art. So no copping out and releasing only pop-fragrances!
    * Feel free to describe what segment of the market each fragrance you chose is targeting.
    ** For the sake of making this simpler, we are entering the market as a producer of masculine fragrances (or unisex).

    As for mine?

    Penhaligons Endymion: My "noire" fragrance. The sexy, suave, night on the town, ladies man fragrance of choice.
    Serge Lutens Chergui: (Unisex) My fall/winter oriental.
    Divine L'Homme de Couer: My casual, confident, yet demure everyman scent. Out Creeds Creed.
    Diptyque Philosykos: (Unisex) My spring/green entry.
    Amouage Reflection: My slightly outspoken, flamboyant, club scent.
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    Obsessions of the Moment- Kristiansand EDC, Green Irish Tweed, Zizan

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    Default Re: Five Fragrances to Start a House With......Go!

    1. Feminite du Bois: Easy. Dark, saturated plums and cedar with spice and beeswax along the way. Gothic and understated
    2. Ambre Sultan: Good-selling oriental that pleases the intellectual and trashy at once
    3. Chanel No.5: Cannot compete with its success and artistry
    4. Eau Sauvage: Beautiful citrus, easy
    5. Mitsouko: One for the more perfume-loving
    If fragrance has a gender, so does all art.

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    Default Re: Five Fragrances to Start a House With......Go!

    A men pure malt= my woody oriental gourmand

    Bois du portugal= my woodsy ,mature frag

    Virgin island water= my fresh semi aquatic

    royal english leather= my mature leather frag

    green irish tweed= green frag that most like

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    Default Re: Five Fragrances to Start a House With......Go!

    What, we don't get to create our OWN fragrances? I have a ton of ideas there!

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    Default Re: Five Fragrances to Start a House With......Go!

    Mitsouko: to represent the chypres
    Heritage: for the orientals
    Bulgari Aqua Marine: the aquatics
    Azzaro Twin: the fruities
    Eau De Glorie: les eaux exclusifs

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