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    Default Your opinion on inexpensive Denim cologne by Conter, Italy

    Hello everyone... For the last 12 years I have allways been wearing respectable colognes from respectable houses - YSL, Aramis, Dior, Givenchy, Azzaro, Chanel... Somehow recently I finished all what was left in my bottles... and I have just started to feel some, lets say, "fetish" to come back to those times when I was 20 and was wearing those cheap colognes for 8 $ or something... I have checked all the drug stores is my city... and I have found that they don't sell Brut, Old & Spice edt/c versions anymore... they have so many cheap stuff mostly from for me unknown and suspicious companies ... however, I found Denim edt original/musk/black versions... I have never worn Denim before, but I remember it used to be a popular cheap cologne in my country... Dear fellows, I am just curious what reputation Denim has among those inexpensive colognes... for me it smells quite good for a cheap stuff. Thank's for your time
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