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    Lightbulb Chance by Chanel.

    Chance by Chanel seems to have a poor following here on Base Notes. I have not tried it for fear of the postings I have read. I wonder if those of you who have tried it would give me your thoughts on this fragrance such as is it male worthy and what your personal experience with it is in as much detail as you can. I await your replies with appreciation in advance for said same.

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    Default Re: Chance by Chanel.

    All I know is I tried it when released, the parfum too. Even the sa admitted is smelt horrid on me.

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    Default Re: Chance by Chanel.

    It's rather sweet, I mostly get pineapple and patchouli. Doesn't seem too strong... just patchouli is the things that remains, and the rest stick to it longer, but not too much. It has something fresh though...a little jasmine and pepper/lemon, I think. Still... I feel too much pineapple. The iris makes that stronger I think. Not sure it's iris, might be some vetiver and sweet woods...

    I've gone thru few samples few months ago.

    ...have you considered Chance eau Fraiche? I think it's nicer, goodbye pineapple. And it's more unisex.
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    I smelled this on a woman, who said she nicked it from her daughter. I can't recall otherwise, but it was pleasant. Not enough for me to try, however.
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    Default Re: Chance by Chanel.

    I've always loved Chance and even bought the EDP (or EDT?) when it was first released and used it in record time. I would love to sample it in parfum; anyone try it?

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    I wore Chance for a year, and it's a nice, pleasant scent for daytime routines, which is not your average fruity floral, not much sillage, though. Actually, I've always thought that Coco Mlle. was a rehearsal for Chance. I must say I can't imagine it in on a male, but never say never. Chance eau Fraiche is a feeble child of Chance and Light Blue who picked up most of LB's genes.

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    Default Re: Chance by Chanel.

    Liked it when I first smelled it, but not enough to buy it. I can agree with the pineapple accord w3pearl mentioned above. It sort of does that candied fruit thing, that Egoiste does, but of course it's much more soft and less woody.

    The first thing that I thought when I smelled it the first time was, 'Oh, this is the scent I smell on so many women!'.
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    Default Re: Chance by Chanel.

    i recently bought this in the edp and im wearing it now. im in my thirties and i find it a nice choice probably more for spring summer since on me its a sharp fresh punch of citrus not as warm as i was hoping for but you will not feel offensive to anyone in it .

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    I like it..I like the Eau Tendre more I think. Chance reminds me so much of Guess Gold, I would say they are twins. They have similar notes too.

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    Default Re: Chance by Chanel.

    I like it very much, but I've never craved it.

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    Chance and I hate each other's guts.
    It was all bugspray on me.
    However, I have complimented others on their scent and it turned out to be my much maligned Chance. So, you will probably need to try it for yourself.

    It's probably the only Chanel I despise

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    I wanted to like it, but it always turned into piss on me for some reason and just smelled gawdawful. On other people, I like catching whiffs of it, but its popularity is also one of the downsides. Chance Eau Fraiche is at least a nice rendition of a summery version for Chance, unlike it's completed unrelated sibling Tendre. I cannot smell the connection between Chance Tendre and Chanel Chance.

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    i recently bought the edp . i get mostly a patchouli with some sharp fruit i would prefer it to be warmer a bit deeper its also a bit musky to my nose husband hates it but i wear it on weekends runnig errands not fbw wont re buy . never been a chanel fan this is the only one i could tolerate.

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