I know that Special No. 127 doesn't get so much lovin' on the boards here. I've always been curious about it though, because it's a type of fragrance that I enjoy - a gentleman's neroli-based classic edc (yes, I know it's unisex, but that's the category I think of). I obtained a couple of large samples and have been contemplating a full bottle. There's a note or combo of notes that appears as the top is burning off that haunts me, and I can't identify it. It's not a straight neroli or citrus note - could it be the combination of the geranium with the neroli? It almost reminds me of that wine-like aspect of the herb clary sage. Anyway, it doesn't stay for long, but it makes me ache, it makes me yearn, it makes my fingers creep towards my credit card! Anyone here familiar enough with No. 127 to take a guess as to what it could be?