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    Default MFK APOM Pour Homme versus Fleur du Male

    If I like APOM Pour Homme, do you think I might like Fleur du Male? I notice both share orange blossom and are by the same perfumer. I'm thinking of buying Fleur du Male blind, but I'm worried it will remind me of Le Male. I don't like Le Male's due to my perception of overly cloying sweetness (plus a negative mental association due to encountering people who feel a need to douse themselves with it). Sweeter frags I like include Anataeus (drydown), Back to Black, Rochas Man, and Dior Homme Intense. I dislike A*men and Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin.

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    Default Re: MFK APOM Pour Homme versus Fleur du Male

    You really need to test Fleur du Male before you buy it, its a very floral, sweet fragrance that smells very different depending on your body chemistry, and is very much a love/hate fragrance. I find it dries down to a really pleasant, slightly animalic vanilla / powdery floral that ends up surprisingly masculine. No similarity to A*Men or Lolita Lempicka though.
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    Default Re: MFK APOM Pour Homme versus Fleur du Male

    I just wore APOM homme recently and I own and love Fleur du Male.

    Similarities - orange blossom, about the same sweetness level, both share a powderiness, both are soft in texture but quite strong and both have great longevity (though I think FdM wins, here).
    Differences - FdM is more orange blossom throughout, slightly more feminine in the opening but actually perhaps more masculine than APOM homme in the drydown. APOM homme has a distinct cedar note in the middle, FdM features no cedar that I can detect. The drydown of APOM is more about amber while FdM is more of a powdery vanillic moss (slightly fougere-ish). FdM is slightly heavier in texture overall.

    They are both excellent and I'd like to pick up a bottle of APOM homme, but I think if I had to choose only one of the two, I'd stick with FdM. It's very unique and very sexy, while being soft and cozy, too. It doesn't, to my nose, have the same weird plasticky texture of Le Male's drydown.
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