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    Default Annick Goutal EDT?

    Just got a 25 ml bottle of Annick Goutal 'Eau de Toilette' from Ebay, I assumed it would be Eau de Sud or Hadrien or such like as I couldnt read the label, but no, it's just 'Eau de Toilette'. However I cant find any mention of this at all on the internet. Its a typically lemony eau de cologne type fragrance with hardly any staying power.

    Have I discovered a lesser spotted fragrance or have I been sold a flanker. Thanks....

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    Default Re: Annick Goutal EDT?

    Sounds like Eau d'Hadrien if it is EDT and no staying power, but then again with Ebay and this being 25ml, anything could be inside it. Only thing I could suggest is to go to a shop near you that sells Eau d'Hadrien and have a sniff at the real thing to see if it is similar to what you've purchased.

    If it's the same bottle as I've never seen anything like that before, the bottle and labelling look ancient and that one certainly isn't Eau d'Hadrien

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    Default Re: Annick Goutal EDT?

    Hmm, good idea. I noticed the top is not of the fixed down variety, but it does smell of reasonable quality despite the fact its gone in 20 mins. It was
    Oh dear that probably wont work - Ive totally forgotten how to do the linking thing! Thanks for the advice.

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    Default Re: Annick Goutal EDT?

    Eau d'Hadrien sounds like a good guess because Eau de Sud includes basil and is saltier by far. The 25mL size suggests AG's travel bottle. I have one myself--it's Eau de Hadrien Absolu--but the label says only "Eau de Toilette."

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    Default Re: Annick Goutal EDT?

    That's reassuring. It's nice to know that it's normal practice to not put the EDT variety on the bottle. If nothing else its a nice bottle to decant my Sables refill into. Thanks

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