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    I received and wore a sample of Santa Maria Novella Colonia Russa today and would like to share my thoughts. CR is certainly a decent quality cologne with an ambery leather base and the typical SMN spice accord. The opening is as benign as any and the orange blossom is good for a minute or so. Then the leather and civet kicks in and reminds me of a darker Profumo Cologne l'Empereur. Longevity is decent, but probably not worth the $110 price tag.

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    Thanks for the quick impression, bokaba. Santa Maria Novella is one house I've never explored. Do you have any drop dead favorites from them that would put me on point?

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    I am still myself exploring SMN. Be warned that though they use stop notch ingredients and excellent construction, a lot of their scents are garbage. I think their signature SMN Acqua di Colonia is nice as well as the Colonia Russa. I am waiting to try their Orange Blossom now.

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    I like Colonia Russa, but the longevity of their products (except for the amazing Nostalgia) is short. One hour after application you've lost 75% of the smell.

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    As a connoisseur of traditional colognes longevity is no issue to me. Sure I prefer some longevity, but I am willing to sacrifice for natural ingredients and no basenotes. In a fragrance of this genre my primary concern is the quality of the ingredients and the mastery of craftsmanship used.

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