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    Talking Guerlain Imperiale

    I would like to thank Mike Perez for sending me a sample of a vintage cologne called Imperiale Extra Dry. Extra Dry is truly a gem in the cologne world. It is probably the third most beautiful traditional cologne I have smelled after vintage Farina Gegenuber and Lorenzo Villloresi Acqua di Colonia. The opening is a blast of lemon, lime, bitter orange, and bergamot. The heart is lightly floral with lime blossom, orange blossom, and neroli. The neroli is brief, sharp, and to the point. The base is composed of a light musk and possibly a little tonka. I would recommend this one highly. Now I must try to find vintage Eau du Coq.

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    This one sounds great. Enjoy

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    You're welcome Bokaba, I'm glad you're enjoying it.

    I happen to have a nice olfactory association with that scent. it was my scent of the day, the afternoon I had lunch with Luca Turin. Every time I wear it, I am taken back to that special occasion, in my mind.

    I think it reminds me of the fizzy, effervescence I smell when I'm sipping tonic water. I hope to find another bottle, since this stuff is difficult to find.
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    I like it a lot, but prefer Roger Gallet Extra Vielle. It's a bit sharper, and lasts slightly longer. Very much in the same genre, though, and a lot less costly. Highly recommended if you like Imperiale.

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    I find the current formulation of RG very sharp, synthetic, and musty. The vintage version is pretty good and I think the Extra Dry is similar to that. The Extra Dry was supposedly released in 1904 as a longer lasting version of Imperiale with more citrus.

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    I cannot verify if this is true, but someone on another perfume board claimed that Eau du Coq was called Imperiale Extra Dry in the US until the late 1960s. It is more similar to Coq than the current Imperiale I think.

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