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    Default Atelier Flou Fragrances

    Atelier Flou is a new niche perfume line from Jean-François Cabos, formerly of Balenciaga, and perfumer Jacques Chabert. They debut with eight fragrances, four for women and four for men:

    Ten Nine for women ~ “Greedy, Careless, Devouring the life with full teeth. The explosion of a splendid fruit cocktail, with the irresistible aroma of the chocolate and the refreshing touch of the so smart green tea underlined by a voluptuous attar of carvi of Hungary for this fragrance which tastes like a magic moment of life fully crunched. Greedy pleasure.”

    Shamsin for women ~ “Luxurious, Voluptuous, The mystery of the eternal East. All in this fragrance is sensuality. Made of the “fel” (the jasmine of high Egypt), this fragrance then undulates between the disturbing mystery of the most refined musks of the East and the powerful energy of the finest absolutes: rose of Morocco and ciste of Spain. Unforgettable sensuality.”

    Sloane Rose for women ~ “Delicate, Daring, Distinguished. Resolutely out of time, this fragrance signs absolute elegance. A daring movement between the perfect balance of the rose of Manilla, the subtlety of the Scandinavian violet raised of the total refinement of absolute of jasmine sambac of Chenaï (7 million flowers for 1kg of absolute). Absolute elegance.”

    Paradis Paradis for women ~ “Pure, Original, Impertinent. So feminine, so unpredictable, completely independent. Paradis Paradis is the fragrance of obvious femininity, the full harmony of a bouquet of delicate flowers where the concrete of Iris of Italy dominates and opens out unconstrained. Freedom.”

    Katana for men ~ “Strong, Powerful, The sun of the East. Much personality and sensuality in this fragrance inspired by the sharp edge of the saber of the Samurai. It takes risks by associating attars of cypress of Italy, coriander of Russia and cardamom of Guatemala for a unique harmony of strength and excellence. Power.”

    Monsieur mon Amour for men ~ “Elegant, Refined, Smart. Ultimate elegance signs this fragrance: the glowing of the hearth and the feeling of cosy leathers for an unusual and astonishing refinement. When the incense of Somalia meets the attar of the wood of Gaïac of Paraguay. Serenity.”

    Black Purple for men ~ “Mystery, Terrestrial and celestrial, Charming. All is extreme in this combination of heat and cold. The subtle association between the coolness of the rosemary of Morocco, the true harmony of the nutmeg of Indonesia and a passionate touch of absolute of Liatrix of America delicately associated with a deep amber. Between sky and earth.”

    Eau d’aviateur for men ~ “Adventure, Density, Spirit. When the intense scene of extreme skies forces the contemplation by the voyager, from the Andes cordillera to Siberia. Bouquet of blue flowers, petitgrain of Sicily and orange oil of Brazil for this water which goes like one second spiritual skin. Obviousness.”
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    Default Re: Atelier Flou Fragrances

    Has anybody smelled fragrances of this new line?

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    Default Re: Atelier Flou Fragrances

    Pumping. Any reviews?

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