The german newspaper „Berliner Zeitung“ did an interview with SL which can be read online (maybe they pull it from their site in the future, i don’t know about that). It is in German, but the translation google provides is understandable though lacking (For copyright reasons i don’t want to post a translation here, sorry). It’s mainly marketing blabla for L’Eau de SL, but maybe of interest for some of you.

In short: When SL uses perfume he "leaves an impression like a saber cut" applying a whole bottle of Cuir Mauresque over hair and body. At the same time he consideres the world overperfumed. That is why L’Eau de SL is designed as a kind of mental protection against the scents out there. The new fragrance is a "Bruch" (break as in "a break with the past", not as in "have a break").

Here are the links:

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