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    Default Article: New in Niche: Preparing for Summer!

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    Great article Mark! These frags ALL sound tempting....especially the Buddha Fig!

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    The bottle for Kristiansand New York looks awesome.

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    Fantastic article. My wardrobe is bogged down with fall/winter scents. Bois Naufrage and Buddha's Fig sound particularly wonderful!

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    This is a superb article! You have profiled some very interesting scents in a succinct way. Ninfeo Mio and DSH Bancha particularly are on my radar. Thanks for the news.

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    Great article!

    And for the record, Kristiansand is fantastic. I will be purchasing a full bottle when I can

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    Many thanks to Mr Behnke for this excellent article. It is very informative and well written and I surely hope that we will be reading more on niche perfumery... even if such perfumes are rare to come across it is always great to be able to read more on what artisanal perfumery is up to. I personally was intrigued by Goutal's Ninfeo Mio and Bancha by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz.

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    Thanks Mark, really nice round up. Ninfeo Mio, Voyage & Tonka Imperiale have found their way here and I've gotta say I am very curious to try Luten's Eau which should arrive soon . . . also look forward to finding out more about the Infusion Organique line you mention.

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    Thanks Mark. As always, I really enjoy reading your informative reviews.

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    Great article, Voyage D'Hermes smells like Gin and Tonic to me which is very summery. I can't wait to smell Tonka Imperiale.

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    Wanting the Kristiansand New York

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    Default Re: Article: New in Niche: Preparing for Summer!

    I enjoyed the article, Mark! Particularly tempting-sounding to me: Bois Naufrage, Bancha, and Voyage d'Hermes.

    Did you throw off your SMM persona?! If so, I will miss him!

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    Default Re: Article: New in Niche: Preparing for Summer!

    No he's still here. It is just that I am doing much more writing in other places I'm not writing as much on the forums; although I am trying to change that.
    It is nice to be missed but Somerville Metro Man will never really leave the Basenotes building, he just may get a little quieter. :)

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    Great article! Thanks!!!

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