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Thread: Attar recs?

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    Default Attar recs?

    Hi menfolk. I'm just getting into buying attars and oils, but find it nearly impossible to find good info on different brands/types/mixes.

    I'd love something incensy...frankincense and myrrh and such. Smoky-deep. Anything like that (maybe with a little rose?)

    Do you guys have any good recs? Possibly not too expensive?

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    Default Re: Attar recs?

    Frankincense: Amouage Tribute, Agar Aura Al Naqi
    Rose/Oud/Musk: Arabian Oud King Fahed (expensive), Agar Aura Areej
    Frankincense, spices, florals, oud: Arabian Oud Prince Diamini (very expensive)

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