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    Default heat and perfume

    Hey guys!
    This might be a stupid question to ask but any how has heat anything to do with bottle. I mean if we are living in a hot place, should we place our perfume bottles in a cool place.. maybe in fridge

    Correct me if i am wrong.

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    Default Re: heat and perfume

    I am no expert, but KNOW that heat will damage perfumes. Always be careful of where you store fragrances, and if you order perfumes from a distance in hot weather, as time in a hot delivery/mail truck can damage your purchase.
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    Default Re: heat and perfume

    I echo what Primrose has said - quite true.Definitely store in a cool dark place in its box, if you can. Under lights or in the sun- is terrible for perfume.

    N_Tesla stores all his perfumes in a special fridge I believe. We both live in a place where it can get up to 115 degrees F during summer. I have to really keep an eye out for my perfume shipped to me ,in summer- for fear of overheated, spoiled perfume in the mailbox.
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    Default Re: heat and perfume

    hey thanks a lot... that is really gonna help me and my new perfume collection. i am glad i asked that

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    Default Re: heat and perfume

    Theres a large chemist here in Perth ( Joondalup to be precise) that has ALL of its fragrances against a large glass window facing the harsh afternoon sun.
    This makes me shudder for those poor perfumes, especially as we average 38 degrees celcius in summer.
    The frags must be literally simmering away. You would think the fragrance reps would advise them against displaying them like this, maybe they have...

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    Default Re: heat and perfume

    Yes heat affects perfumes. There is no need to keep bottle in fridge. You can keep the bottle in a cool place in your house maybe in a cupboard or on a desk.

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    Default Re: heat and perfume

    Quote Originally Posted by davidpitt View Post
    Yes heat affects perfumes.
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    Default Re: heat and perfume

    As I know the best guide lines for storing perfume are
    1. To store perfume properly, keep it away from heat and light.
    2. A dark closet or a covered box is best.
    3. Also avoid direct exposure to air.

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