Released 2009

From Neiman Marcus (I believe it's press release material)

01 Paris - Moscou
Musky, Fruity and Woody.
• Top: Pine needle, Absinthe, Plum, Cranberry, Bergamot
• Heart: Jasmine
• Base: Tonka bean, Sandalwood, Vanilla, White musk

With its musk, fruit and wood notes, the ultra-feminine Paris-Moscow perfume echoes the heartbeat that pounds through the Russian capital. This city throbs with life! Strolling through the opulent shopping arcades of the GUM, you are intoxicated by the heady fragrance of white musk and tonka bean. A carnal, sensual and elegant trace of vanilla and bergamot stays with you as you cross the Red Square.

As you pass the Bosco Cafe, a sudden aroma of red currants delights your senses. The Moscow locals are enjoying their brunch, sipping their favorite beverage. Your senses stirred, you head off for some refreshment at the Botanical Gardens. A welcome respite. You close your eyes and watch as images from the day parade past. Electrified, you take in the hint of absinthe, a sparkling lemon, a note of plum. In the distance, you glimpse a verdant forest of pine needles. You can still hear the heart of Moscow beating.

02 Paris - New York
Woody Oriental.
• Top: Mandarin, Bergamot, Pink Berries
• Heart: Candied chestnuts, Cinnamon, Orange Blossom
• Base: Cedar, Patchouli, White musk, Vetiver

A woody oriental fragrance, sparkling and sweet, Paris-New York excites the tastebuds by transporting the senses to the heart of Manhattan on Christmas Eve. From the elegant Uptown to bohemian Downtown, children are dreaming of their Christmas pudding. Their nostrils quiver. Smells of vanilla and cinnamon float out of kitchen windows. A joyful frenzy of holiday anticipation reigns on Broadway, whose lights seem to sparkle with a new radiance. A pause. Serious Wall Street goes quiet.

The pedestrians on 5th Avenue finish their last errands. The sky is still the luminous, cloudless blue of a New York winter. The celebrations will start in just a few hours. Already, the air is thick with a scent of cedar, cardamom and bergamot.

03 - Paris - Tokyo
Green and Floral.
• Top: Green tea
• Heart: Jasmine, Violet
• Base: Vanilla, Hinoki

Green and floral, fresh and delicate, Paris-Tokyo evokes all the subtlety of the Japanese capital. Willful, yet subtle. Ultramodern, yet bound to its traditions. The sun is still low in the sky; it is the perfect time to awaken your senses in Hibiya Park, a rare green space designed with a Western aesthetic. Very few people are walking; you mainly pass joggers. As you stroll along a pond, the morning dew gives off a fragrance of jasmine and violet, intertwined with Hinoki cypress.

You stop in a teahouse, slipping out of the stream of time into a cocoon of tranquility in the midst of turmoil. In this world apart where green tea and jasmine scent the air, you allow yourself to be transported by the legendary, almost magical tea-drinking tradition. It is with regret that you leave the ceremony you wish could last forever. But Ginza, the Champs-Elysees of Tokyo, is already calling your name.