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    Default Help me ID this unknown cologne?

    Hi, I'm D.Sprad. I don't collect bottles, so I don't know too much about older ones, and I'm having a tough time identifying this fragrance.

    I can't post pictures right now, but if in the future it hasn't been identified and I can, I'll post pictures.

    It's a cologne dating at least from before 1990 - my great-uncle acquired it as a gift from a flea market in Mexico from a friend. He couldn't tell me hardly anything about the fragrance other than it once had a since thrown-away paper medallion hooked to a chain around the neck and attached to the front of the bottle and it was pre-1990.

    The bottle is rounded and has a large, plastic lid that has a fairly large insignia that I've never seen before on the top. It's a circle of lines surrounding a wreath of leaves (olive, oak?) which are separated by a crown at the top of the wreath. Inside the wreath are two lions, facing each other, standing on their hind legs, holding two flags which surround the crown at their top.

    The bottle only has one sticker now - it's rectangular-ish (it has edges at some places) and is colored silver which surrounds red coloring on which "Cologne for Men" is written in silver lettering. The fragrance itself is a gold color and is very, VERY strong. It's by far the strongest I've seen in a long time, the type you can put two dabs on and fill an entire room with scent.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Default Re: Help me ID this unknown cologne?

    Sorry for this double post, but I'm bumping this thread because I've just uploaded pictures! I'd forgotten about this old bottle I received more than 2 years ago, then pulled it out of the cabinet the other day and remembered this thread. Obviously I quickly went about taking pictures of it so hopefully someone may help me.

    You can observe the heraldic cap logo, the "Cologne for Men" sticker, and the chain around the neck that once held the medallion I spoke of. There's also noticeable residue from where the medallion was held on by adhesive once. There is also evidence on the bottom of the bottle of a sticker (now gone), but the adhesive residue was so transparent it wasn't worth taking a picture of. Anyway, here are all 8 pictures: clicking on them will make the pictures considerably larger for a closer view.

    Thank you all in advance! I look forward to knowing what cologne this elusive bugger turns out to be!

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