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    Default Truth by Calvin Klein... discontinued :(

    My favourite perfume - Truth for woman - has been discontinued. It's been my signature fragrance for over 10 years... I don't find anyone similar... Do I have to start the process all over again of looking for that perfect scent ???!!! It's so hard to find a fragrance so special and unique as Truth... Truth doesn't have the usual basenotes structure and accords:
    "Lush Accord: Bamboo, Patchouli, Sapling, Vetiver, Wet Woods, White Peony, White Clover
    Sensual Accord: Acacia Flower, Bio-Vanilla, Musks, Slik Tree Flower, Woods, White Amber"
    How can I find another perfect combination like that? Thank you for your help. Linah

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    Default Re: Truth by Calvin Klein... discontinued :(

    I am not familiar with this fragrance but what a shame, I would recommend buying up some and storing it safely for the future in a cool, dark place. Then maybe use the advanced search in the BN database to see what has some similar notes. You'll never know what fun you might have sampling. It sucks to lose your signature frag but it's always fun to be inspired to seek something new.

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    Default Re: Truth by Calvin Klein... discontinued :(

    So sorry, linah! I have a soft spot for Truth. It takes two fairly common fragrance notions---the sting of a direct green floral and the dull glow of a creamy, ambery white floral----and wind up with a whole new entity. It fulfills the typical CK image of spareness but also feels so overflowing due to the play of the different parts. How sad it would be discontinued. I find it so appealing that what could simply be a trite schtick ("green AND white floral") or the attempt to throw together bits that amplify each other but have no cleverness (remember "fruity AND floral!") actually wound up being both smart and beautiful. I never come to any one conclusion about what Truth is, and why should I? There's something to be said for ambiguity in a fragrance. Hope you've stocked up.
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    Default Re: Truth by Calvin Klein... discontinued :(

    It's still readily available online. Stock up now!
    ***For sale:

    Iris Pallida 50ml

    Ungaro I 75ml

    and more!

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    Default Re: Truth by Calvin Klein... discontinued :(

    It should still be available online with discount retrailers, places like TJMAXX etc for years. Even ebay if you are careful.

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    Default Re: Truth by Calvin Klein... discontinued :(

    Hi Linah,

    I know first hand how the deletion of your fave scent can leave you feeling hopeless!
    As others have stated, its a good idea to stock up before it becomes completely impossible to source.
    I have just PM'd you on a reliable source for the EDP and votive candles.

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    Default Re: Truth by Calvin Klein... discontinued :(

    RATS!!!!!!!!!!!! Ilove it too ! Now I have to bump it up the list :To buy full size bottles of and maybe backups .AARRRRGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Default Re: Truth by Calvin Klein... discontinued :(

    I just got a bottle...

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