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    In august I'm leaving on a trip to Sicily. This will be my first visit to Italy and I am super excited. The first thing that came to mind is, what perfume should I wear?? I guess the weather is pretty hot that time of year in Sicily. I live in Sweden and I'm used to a rougher colder weather where it's ok to use heavy sandalwood, incense and amber based fragrances all year round. I feel I'm a bit "lost in the jungle" so to speak when it comes to lighter airy fragrances.

    I like sweet fragrances and woods, I dont mind flowers but I'm not crazy about them. I dont mind masculine fragrances (terre d hermes is a favorite) although I dont project lavnder or juniper berries that well. It just gets a bit TOO much on my skin.

    So my question for all of you who obviously knows a lot more about perfume and notes than I do is, can you please tip me on a sultry, sofisticated fragrance I can wear or discover on my trip to Sicily. I'd like to take home a scent memory with me.

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    Well, one summer I discovered Sicily at the D&G boutique in Milan, and I have associated Italy in summer with that scent ever since. It just works: it's blousy, it's fun, it's fruity, it smells like gelato and fine clothes, and it's totally vampy.

    Another favorite I always associate with Italy in summer is Fred Hayman's Touch. A thick-yet-breathy floral with a sultry side. Like the hydrangeas and flower gardens on the hillsides mixed with the smell of brown sun-baked beach skin.

    For the night time there in summer, I recommend Gianfranco Ferre's Ferre by Ferre...or anything else by him; all his scents evoke stars at night. The star-filled sky is massive, ancient, infinitely celebratory and truly the pillow of the world.

    Have a great time! Whatever you wear, you cannot go wrong enjoying an Italian summer !
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    Default Re: italian holiday fragranc

    Ferre di Ferre is a winner by all standards.

    How about Laura Biagiotti Roma? (an easy oriental with a fruity top of black currants and a nice drydown of creamy sandalwood)

    How about taking a bottle of what you have already got and looking around while you will have arrived to Sicily? Perhaps, you can find a little God forgotten store with every single perfume treasure for cheap there? Or, perhaps, an older and forgotten Santa Maria Novella? Or, some unknown and unsung beauty crafted by the local artigianales?
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    I fully second Laura Biagiotti Roma and even Laura by the same fragrance house, such a smooth aquatic will probably do perfectly in the Sicilian climate

    You might also like to try some fragrances by Fendi- quite uncommon, stylish and not very pricy either

    For evening wear, although a French fragrance, Dolce Vita by Dior is, at least in my opinion, one of the best embodiments of Mediterranean passion for (exquisite) living

    Also, trying some of the "local attractions", not necessarily Sicilian, but essentially Italian, most of them timeless and with unisex wearability, like some Eau de Cologne by Acqua di Parma, Acqua di Genova, Acqua di Biella or Carthusia sounds appropriate

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    Default Re: italian holiday fragranc

    Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Bergamotto di Calabria
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    I would chose a fragrance by Carthusia...Ligea, Aria di Capria of Fiori di Capri...they are all beautiful!

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    Thank you so much for your advise. Ill look into each and everyone of them,

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