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    Default Eau de Cartier / EdC Concentrée Comments + Question 4 BNers who have Smelled Both

    I got a sample of EdC in the mail last week. First application: "this smells pretty good. definitely on the weak side, though". Second application: "yeah, I like this, but let me go back to smelling the Cravache on my other arm". Third application: "excellent blend of ingredients. confirmed low sillage.".

    But then I was reading a book for a couple of hours and I kept getting this *amazing* whiff of something. I smelled my arm (I was only wearing the Cartier at the time), and I thought "nah, that's not it". Again, I got the whiff. Smelled my arm: "nope. wtf?". So I smelled the book. "nope. smells like paper---just as I suspected."

    This happened at least 4 or 5 times. I was outside and there was a soft breeze. This HAD to be the Cartier, but the one-foot-away scent was totally different than the one-inch-away scent. I had never experienced that before. Especially with repeated occurrences like that. Have any of you guys?

    I've decided Eau de Cartier is a sleeper hit for me; one of those samples you get in the mail with 5 other frags and it's almost like it waits for your affair with them to be over so it can get your full attention. Come on, you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about!

    Anyway, here's the main question. According to most reviewers, the Concentrée is exactly the same as the original, but with more sillage. Some people, like foetidus (if I remember correctly) did a side-by-side with both and the Concentrée just had better longevity. Can I get more input from you guys? Is this a true concentrated version of the original or is it another one of those "wtf? this name lies!" flankers?

    If I get enough confirms on the only differences being sillage & longevity, I'm going to blind buy this one. The EdC is utterly divine in a very transparent way.
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    Default Re: Eau de Cartier / EdC Concentrée Comments + Question 4 BNers who have Smelled Both

    I found a big difference in smell between the two. I didn't like the Concentrée all that much. It has a weird thick, cloying quality that I don't care for. After trying the Concentrée first and disliking it, I discovered the original EdC and was surpised that I really liked it. I bought a bottle. I get decent longevity out of it, but sometimes I do refresh. Often, fragrances with iris/violet leaf notes cause the wearer to have olfactive fatigue rather quickly-- thinking that the scent has died out on their skin.

    I prefer the original by a mile.

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    Default Re: Eau de Cartier / EdC Concentrée Comments + Question 4 BNers who have Smelled Both

    It wasn't me who did a side by side comparison, although I did mention that the concentree replaces the yuzu note with a violet note. I much prefer the regular Eau de Cartier. The Concentree has a strong violet note, which is one of my most disliked notes.

    I think the non-concentree is a great scent... It's beautifully put together like most of the Cartier's and I especially appreciate its subtlety and its resistance to heat and humidity.

    Thanks for mentioning Eau de Cartier. I had forgotten about it and I'm going to wear it soon.
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    Default Re: Eau de Cartier / EdC Concentrée Comments + Question 4 BNers who have Smelled Both

    Indie_Guy hit it right on the nail. I would've written the same if he had not beat me to it. Also, I wore eau de Cartier for several years right after it's launch. Always really loved it until I smelled it on someone I don't care for. Don't you hate that?! Anyway, as IG said, it's one of those that you can't smell on yourself but it's absolutely still there. And your clothes smell great the next day!

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