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    Default (Info Quickie) Bulgari PH Soir & other transparent Bulgari scents

    Bulgari's PH Soir was one of the first bottles I bought when I recently got back into obsessing about frags, and I just thought I'd mention...

    These transparent scents make AMAZING layering tools. I own a few (cheaper) scents that completely change character when I layer them with BPH Soir. Namely Paco Rabanne PH and Pierre Cardin PH. I hold the cheaper one (PR or PC) about a foot away from the inside of each forearm and spray once. Then I hold my arm up in front of my chest, with the inside of my forearm facing outward and spray the Bulgari toward myself. I close my eyes just in case, but most of it either lands on my arm or on my shirt.

    I even have one not-cheap scent that it works with as well---Guerlain's L'Instant dG PH.

    Anyway... just a thought. For some of you, Bulgari's stuff is too wimpy or doesn't have enough oomph/balls. Try layering with it. That may be a blasphemy for some of you, but it really works.
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